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05-21-2006, 09:57 AM

Combined Value Score: 181
Top Level Domain Score: 10
Unwanted Characters Score: 10
Dictionary Word Score: 50
Length Score: 10
Archive.org Score: 76
Google Search Results: 16,700
Yahoo Search Results: 43,900
MSN Search Results: 361
Search Engine Score: 25
Estimated Base Value: $543.00
Estimated Actual Value: $49,142.00

Thank you for using the LeapFish Domain Name Analyzer. The following custom report explains more details about what each of these numbers means.

The .com top level domain is the most valuable extension because of it's long history. It has also been advertised in every form so when people think of a domain name, they instantly add .com to the end of it when typing it in. This TLD alone makes your domain name valuable.

As any good domain should, this name does not contain numbers, hyphens, or unicode characters. This is a desirable effect and may not increase the value of your domain name, but it definitly won't decrease it.

Your domain name contains two Dictionary.com entries. There are names like this that are more valuable than a single dictionary word and when paired correctly, these words can be much easier to remember than a single dictionary word. An example would be, LeapFish.com is much easier to remember than Imprescriptible.com .

This domain name contains 7 or more characters. These names are not valued for there length as much as they are for their lexical context. If your domain name contains say 9 characters randomly like jyuxbeplz.com then you have no inherent value contextually or lengthwise. It is nearly impossible to design an AI system to see how a human will react and memorize a domain name, that said, you should use your own judgement to see if the length of this name is suitable.

BTW, google.com is worth over $2.8 billion.

05-21-2006, 03:50 PM
Sell while it's hot Boss :evil:

05-21-2006, 07:25 PM
It looks like the valuation is heavily weighted on the number of searchable pages. It also appears from the numbers that Google is not counting threads in the registered-readers-only areas, while Yahoo is counting all of the threads on the board.

Considering that every new thread makes a searchable page, that means we're helping make the site more "valuable" every time we start a new thread. And a thread in Reds Live or "Down on the Farm" has more benefit than one started in any other forum, since it's scraped by both search engines.

Kind of a disquieting result for those of us who prefer to see existing threads used rather than new ones for ongoing topics. :p:

05-22-2006, 07:45 PM
I just did eBay's

Combined Value Score: 1249
Top Level Domain Score: 10
Unwanted Characters Score: 10
Dictionary Word Score: 50
Length Score: 20
Archive.org Score: 809
Google Search Results: 29,900,000
Yahoo Search Results: 118,000,000
MSN Search Results: 2,831,192
Search Engine Score: 350

Estimated Base Value: $3,747.00
Estimated Actual Value: $2,340,002.00

05-23-2006, 12:08 AM
I put in one that I own, and know for a fact is worthless.

Combined Value Score: 83
Top Level Domain Score: 3
Unwanted Characters Score: 10
Dictionary Word Score: 50
Length Score: 12
Archive.org Score: 8
Google Search Results: 0
Yahoo Search Results: 0
MSN Search Results: 0
Search Engine Score: 0
Estimated Base Value: $249.00
Estimated Actual Value: $10,334.00

I will sell it for the low, low price of 8K. :) It comes as-is, with no traffic or user base.