View Full Version : The perfect lineup?

06-02-2006, 11:13 PM
Forgetting specific players for a minute, and focusing on types of players, what is the most effective line up? In other words, is the tradional (by order in line up) #1 speed, #2 speed + consistant bat, #3 power + consistant bat down to #9 pitcher the most effective line up to use over the course of 162 games?

Has there been any statisical analysis to support or argue against this format? My guess is that because it has been used for so long (generally speaking) that it's the most effective.

For the history buffs amoungst us, what has been the strangest line up format used that was effective? Again, by format I mean types of hitters. So I would consider a line up that put the power hitters up first and alternated speed guys with consistent hitters lower in the order "strange".

Hope this question makes sense and is of some interest for discussion.

06-02-2006, 11:50 PM
The standard answer from many would be it doesn't matter if you have eight high OPS guys in the order. That's ideal.

But since we know the dynamics and finances of baseball don't allow for that, I think it's good to manage a team knowing how to acquire bases even when you're making outs. "Productive outs" can aid a team scoring runs in addition to guys who get on base and drive in runs.

This is a good question though. I would imagine through history you won't find too many examples of teams that won the World Series without some basic foundation of having speed (a leadoff hitter that could get on base), a contact hitter at No. 2, your best hitter traditionally at No. 3 and a cleanup hitter at No. 4, etc.