View Full Version : Players Confidence

06-06-2006, 06:30 AM
A younger player starts out hot and then struggles. How do you help him with his "confidence"? Let him play through it? Send him to AAA imediatley? Demand extra coaching and practice time to work on the "problem area"?

A pitcher that has been around some suddenly can't see to find the strike zone and is getting rocked regularly. After checking the health of his arm, and his mechanics, what do you do to help him regain that shaken confidence? Would a trip to AAA for a vet be humilating to the point of destruction? Would it be a chance to work out the issues away from the spotlight and pressure?

Confidence has to play a big role in what these guys do. To go out night after night, they have to believe they are invincable even after bungled plays. At the same time, can we focus too much on "confidence" to the point were it's overblown?

And if confidence really does play a role in a players game, how do you help a player get it back after it's bruised given the scenarios above (or any others)?