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06-07-2006, 03:54 PM
The year was 1999, and the Cincinnati Reds had a record of 34-31 coming off a seris split with the Milwaukee Brewers. I was 15 years old, and I loved the Reds... The season was on the downfall and we had a huge road trip ahead of us.... Going to Arizona for 3 games, then to Houston for another 4. It was by far, the biggest week for the Reds. I remember coming home from Myrtle Beach that year, listing to 700 WLW on the way home once we got into Cincinnati.

It was the post-game show - I don't recall who was hosting.. Could be Tracey, Could of been Furman... That i'm not sure... The weren't to happy with them... thats for sure... They were talking about the up and coming road trip and what the Reds needed to do on this trip.... Many people were calling for a 4-3 or a 5-2 road trip... Me, personally... Remember saying... The Reds are going to sweep both teams on their way to a 7-0 road trip that week... Low and be hold, they did. They swept both Arizona and Houston at their place bringing their season record to 41-31 and then came home and took another sweeping to Arizona. Bringing their record to 44-31. The rest is History... We all know happen that magic year of 1999... Heart Breaking.. Yet so awesome...

Now, 2006.

The 2006 Reds, were coming off shakey grounds in May. Their big bats went silent for a month, and found them self being only 5 games over the .500 mark for the season. There was alot of talk going into this road trip.. No one was ready for it... a big 10 day - 9 game road trip to 3 differnt city's. All against divison rivals, Cubs, Astro's and St. Louis. While the Reds got off to a Rocky start in Chicago losing the 1st two games to the lowly Cubs, then Milton took the mound Wednesday Night in Chi-Town... He had by far his best outting for the Reds in recent memory... And he landed the Win for the Club. The Reds then went onto Houston and won 3 stright games and moved onto St. Louis where they've won the 1st two games of a 3 game seris against the 1st place club. With a win tonight, the Reds will find them self in a 1st place tie with St. Louis.


Guess, I just wanted to share the information I found from the 1999 team compared to our 2006 club.....

I love this game!

06-07-2006, 11:44 PM
With the win tonight.... That road trip almost re-writes it self again this year from 1999.

George Foster
06-07-2006, 11:56 PM
With the win tonight.... That road trip almost re-writes it self again this year from 1999.

The single game that turned the season around was the come from behind win in NY. It was June 2nd, I beleive. We were down 7-3 in the ninth, won the game 8-7 to sweep the mets, and go 1 game over .500.....never looked back. The game on Moday night was a carbon copy....statement game.