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06-22-2006, 02:27 AM

June 21, 2006

Jose Canseco, who has acknowledged long-time steroid use and claimed to have personally injected several of his high-profile teammates, has been asked to meet with agents for former Sen. George Mitchell's investigation into performance-enhancing drugs in baseball, his attorney said Tuesday.

"He has been contacted," Robert Saunooke said, "and, as always, he's available if they want us."

His book, "Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits and How Baseball Got Big," was released at the height of the BALCO scandal.

Members of the San Francisco Giants and Tampa Bay Devil Rays coaching staffs reportedly have been contacted by Mitchell, apparently signaling a new phase of the investigation. Because he lacks subpoena power, Mitchell is expected to meet resistance on many fronts, but not from Canseco.

"If they needed anything from us," Saunooke said, "we'd be happy to help out. One would think he could at least shed light on the methods by which things were done and what he personally went through."

— Tim Brown

The Oakland Athletics put Milton Bradley on the 15-day disabled list because of a strained shoulder, the second time the outfielder has been shelved this season. Bradley started having trouble with his shoulder during a game against Seattle on June 14 and has had trouble swinging a bat since.

The stalking case filed by Hall of Fame announcer Bob Uecker against a woman he contends has been harassing him for years was delayed again because the defendant could not be located.

Right-hander Jason Johnson (3-8) was designated for assignment by the Cleveland Indians. He was 1-8 with a 7.38 earned-run average in his last 10 starts…. Owners and players agreed that home-field advantage in the World Series this year will again go to the league that wins the All-Star game.

The Kansas City Royals sent left-hander J.P. Howell, their best minor league pitching prospect, to Tampa Bay for outfielder Joey Gathright and infielder Fernando Cortez…. The Texas Rangers put right-hander Kameron Loe (3-6) on the 15-day DL.

Five Florida spring training sites are eligible to receive $15 million each over the next 30 years under a bill signed by Gov. Jeb Bush. Six teams will be able to apply for the money. The Baltimore Orioles, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, New York Mets, Pittsburgh Pirates and Tampa Bay Devil Rays are covered in the bill.

06-22-2006, 02:41 AM
If Selig has the balls to take on Bonds, he has my respect.
One of Selig's comments on Rose was "integrity of the game" and I think Bonds fits that description.

Selig is the key in all of this.

06-22-2006, 05:17 AM
It'll never happen, though. Selig has many reasons (good for his own sake) to try and not get involved in this mess. A couple off the top of my head are the globalization of baseball and the money it will bring to the game, and the hit Selig will take to his integrity. Ugly sitatuation, but let's get this junk cleaned up now before the sport becomes a total joke.

06-22-2006, 06:58 AM
I remember a couple of years ago, when Canseco's claims first surfaced. People scoffed at him.
Oh, how times have changed.

06-22-2006, 04:11 PM
He was thought of as some slimeball. Now it turns out he was telling the truth. But he's still a slimeball.