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06-26-2006, 02:27 PM
If there's one stat alone that is the best measure of pitching it has to be WHIP. If I were to guess at ranking the Reds top 5 I would say Arroyo, Coffey, Ramirez, Harang, Milton. But I'd be wrong.

Arroyo is clearly the best with a 1.12
Lizard is 2nd with 1.23
Then Milton! with 1.25
Harang with 1.27
Coffey is 5th with 1.29!

Ok, it may not be statistically significant between 2nd place and 5th place but it's interesting and I'm bored today!

RBI per at bats may not be the best measure of a run producer but there are a couple surpises here too.

Junior has an RBI every 4.7 at bats (why he's so critical to have in the lineup)
EE every 5.1 (reminder of why we need him healthy again)
BP every 5.4
Dunn every 5.8
RA every 6
AK every 6.4
But Ross leads them all with an rbi every 4 at bats!

For comparison, Griffey is close to some of the league leaders on a per at bat basis:
Pujols every 3 at bats (ok no one is close to him)
Berkman every 3.7
Ryan Howard every 4
Beltran every 4.1
Jones every 4.4
Wright every 4.6
Carlos Lee every 4.7
Rolen every 4.8

06-26-2006, 03:18 PM
Interesting post, UP.