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06-30-2006, 01:07 AM
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Cincinnati Reds Updated:06/29/2006
According to the Cincinnati Post, CEO Bob Castellini said the Reds are willing to take on salary if they are in contention for the playoffs at the trading deadline. Cincinnati is looking to shore up its bullpen and upgrade its rotation.

Do you think this is a bad thing or a good one?
Well i think it is a good thing but the thing is we could get in a lot more trouble down the road economy wise.

06-30-2006, 01:15 AM
Depends on the salary.

06-30-2006, 01:17 AM
By Marc Lancaster
Post staff reporter
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At his introductory press conference Jan. 20, Bob Castellini pledged to open up his wallet for any in-season deals that might be necessary to help the Reds push toward the playoffs.

As the Reds head toward July with one of the best records in the National League, it's increasingly likely that marker will be called in.

"We made that commitment early on, if we were contenders," Castellini said Wednesday. "It sure looks like we're contenders."

The non-waiver trade deadline is just over a month away, July 31, and swapping season will be heating up soon. Whether any help is available remains to be seen, but general manager Wayne Krivsky is on the lookout - with Castellini's encouragement.

"We know we have to improve the team in certain areas, and we're constantly searching for ways to do that," said Castellini.

Neither the CEO nor the GM would get into specifics about what they were looking for, but the Reds' deficiencies are hardly a secret. The bullpen is No. 1 with a bullet, and starting rotation help is always welcome.

Not that the Reds are alone in those needs, of course.

"There's so many teams right now looking for the same thing, it probably makes it even harder," said Krivsky. "So many teams, their bullpens are beat up or they want to upgrade in their rotation somewhere."

Nonetheless, Krivsky is on the phone. It's a "daily thing," he said Wednesday. Talks won't really begin to heat up for a couple more weeks, but the Reds figure to be in the midst of more discussions than they have been in recent years - due both to their heady status as contenders and Krivsky's more aggressive approach.

The Reds don't have many prospects to trade, but they will be able to take on salary if necessary. They already have, actually, with some of the moves they have made this year.

The decisions to rid themselves of Dave Williams, Tony Womack and Rick White required extra expenditures, but they were made for a reason.

"The only goal in mind was to make the major league team better with whoever that person was replaced with," said Krivsky.

If Krivsky can unearth another player or two toward that end in the coming weeks, ownership will be behind him.

Castellini sounds like a man hungry for more.

"We're a game and a half out," said the CEO. "That's pretty good for a team that was picked last by everybody. That's pretty darn good. We're proud of it."

Big Red Smokey
08-20-2014, 11:36 PM
Too bad it's not 2006...

08-21-2014, 04:29 AM
Too bad it's not 2006...

No kidding, 1.5 games back at the AS break, and notta'. Maybe things were too expensive and they did the right thing, but the guys that were looking for help on the reds had to think WTF do we have to do??!! Of course most of those deals, with failure by big bucks teams, I believe will change their tunes in the offseason. The likes of the Royals/A's being in the playoffs will not go down well w/ fans of these big market teams, and their owners/GM's will be put on the spot if they don't make some serious moves.

Bob Sheed
08-21-2014, 08:20 AM
blah blah injuries blah blah no one available blah blah

Some teams find a way.

Other teams find a way to make excuses.