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Shaggy Sanchez
07-01-2006, 10:49 PM
The Reds have had a very good 1-2 punch with Arroyo and Harang this season and it got me thinking. There seem to be a lot of teams that have a very solid tandem at the top of their rotation this year. What tandem would you want leading your teams rotation based on what they have/are doing for their teams this year.

Some of the better tandems this year, their ERA, and their combined records:
Arroyo(2.58) and Harang(3.45) 18-9
Liriano(2.21) and Santana(2.59) 17-5
Beckett(4.64) and Schilling(3.54) 20-5
Glavine(3.34) and Martinez(3.45) 18-6
Buehrle(3.22) and Contreras(3.54) 17-4
Rogers(3.72) and Verlander(3.13) 20-7
Zito(3.46) and Haren(3.53) 14-10 (Harden 3.86 3-0 only pitched 6 games)
Halladay(3.22) and Lilly(3.87) 18-9
Kazmir(3.59) and Hendrickson(3.81) 13-13

I think I would have to go with Liriano and Santana. No matter who you take on that list though if you have any hitting at all and even a decent bullpen your team is going to have a chance.

Puig Your Red
07-01-2006, 10:53 PM