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07-04-2006, 11:46 AM
"He's No. 2: Adam Dunn hit second Monday for the eighth time this season.
"I just like the idea of him getting on base, hopefully it gets him another at-bat in the game," Narron said.
Asked if Dunn would see better pitches in front of Ken Griffey Jr., Narron gave another reason.
"I don't think it's because he's in the No. 2 spot," Narron said. "It's definitely won us one game and it might win us another.""
- Reds.com

Is this a misquote by Narron or does he really not understand the value of Dunn batting ahead of Griffey? He understands that Dunn will get on base and might get a couple more at-bats per week, but does he understand that Dunn will absolutely gets better pitches batting ahead of Griffey? I don't know that he does. Why he has only batted Dunn ahead of Griffey in the #2 spot only 8 times is beyond me? There is no reason whatsoever that Dunn should bat behind Griffey in the lineup. Ever.

I also can't believe Rich Aurilia (I do actually like him in the lineup...later down in the order) is still batting cleanup. What is Narron trying to prove? The guy is not a cleanup hitter. Period.

I know the lineup is still the least of our concerns, but I also think it should be more stable creating a more consistent output of runs. I like what our offense is doing right now, but it'd be nice to avoid more of the games where we score 0-2 runs. We have too many offensive weapons to score so few runs so many times. I think a consistent lineup like the one below would do that:

Phillips (If Freel is in, move BP back to 7th)
EE (If he ever returns.....no excuse for him not being back up here)

I think the lineup spots 2-6, and 8 shouldn't change. Having two speedy guys (Phillips, Lopez, or Freel) ahead of the on-base machine (Dunn) and Griffey (most productive RBI guy) would create havoc for the opposing teams. Will that lineup happen? Probably not for many reasons, one being Griffey is entrenched in the 3 spot for some reason and Narron is obsessed with RA in the 4 spot, etc, etc.

I still think Narron is a decent manager, but when will he take it to the next level? Can he?

07-04-2006, 12:01 PM
Nah, having been in the game for all those years, I don't think he would understand something like that.