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07-06-2006, 06:53 PM
My longwinded ideas to improve the Reds.... yes INSANE...would never happen... but would other teams agree to these deals.... I am a Machiavellian kinda guy...
As long as you end up with a good team and keep some top prospects for the future
I don't see what is wrong. I have a habit of excessive trading (I am the type that
goes to a place with all sorts of vendors with maybe 75 cents or a dollar and walks out
with like 50-60$ worth of stuff in an hour after numerous trades.

Trade 1: Austin Kearns, Melky Cabrera, Rich Aurilia to the Padres....
Dave Weathers and Mike Cameron to the Yankees... Jake Peavy, Vinny Castilla and Alan Embree to the Reds

The Padres have plenty of pitching without Peavy- C. Young, Woody Williams, Hensley, C. Park and M. Thompson.
They get a more than solid 3B who replaces Castilla. Cabrera is a good future OF option once Giles and Roberts
leave. Kearns would lead the offense by far (Aurilia would be the third best hitter). While the Yankees give
up a decent prospect in Cabrera, Cameron adds veteran precense to an OF scared by injuries. Weathers would be
a not to bad addition for their BP and a change of scenery would help him. The Reds get rid of two excess
players in Aurilia and Kearns (with EE back at third and Hatteburg at 1B) and Peavy is still young
and pretty close to an ace despite his poor year. Taking Castilla's contract is only fair for the Reds, taking
on a little extra salary to make the deal fairer. Embree is about the 6th most useful reliever on the Padres staff
so he is no big loss despite being an uograde for the Reds.

Trade 2: Rey Olmedo and Kent Merker to the Tigers for Omar Infante.

Olmedo is expendable and he gives the Tigers a backup option to have alongside Ramon Santiago
if Polanco or Guillen get hurt, replacing Infante and Merker gives them another lefty in the pen.
Infante gives the Reds a solid, inexpensive and startable player at 2B.

Trade 3: Felipe Lopez and Tyler Pelland to the Red Sox for Jon Lester, Jacoby Ellsbury and Keith Foulke (with the majority of his contract covered by BOS).

Felipe Lopez is exactly what
the Sox need. The team is probably the slowest in the majors overall and Lopez gives them someone
with 35-40 SB, .300 AVG and 25-30 HR potential. Gonzalez was struggling mightily at SS and is not a very solid option overall. Pelland gives
them a solid ML arm also. The Sox gave up two top prospects for Coco Crisp- Marte and Shoppach
and with Pelland thrown in to entice them and Foulke's role as a burden this year, it seems very
possible that they will do this.

Trade 4: Livan Hernandez, Alfonso Soriano and Scott Hatteburg to the Rangers...
Eric Milton, John Danks, Jason LaRue (3 of remaining 6 M left covered by the Reds), Chris Donorfia and Mark Derosa to the Nationals.... Mark Teixeira and Mike Stanton to the Reds.

Hernandez gives the Rangers a solid starter who is a groundball pitcher. He will likely not do much worse
than in Washington. Getting Soriano back gives them a big bat (their offense has been a litte dry this year) and
Hatteburg gives them a solid short term option at 1B. The Nats get a solid
option up the middel in Derosa... He would take over for Clayton at SS and fill in at 2B and 3B if an injury.
Danks gives them a starter with top of the rotation potential... Milton would do a lot better in RFK... Szymanski is the
type of player that Jimbo likes and LaRue is also a Jimbo favorite. Machado is a decent throw in and Donorfia replaces Soriano in the OF. Reds get a solid 1B who should rebound next year and a not
too bad option in the pen. The Reds get a very good deal but they have to throw in a lot of cash for both teams.

Trade 5: Edwin Encarnacion, Jon Lester, Paul Janish, Elizardo Ramirez, Jacoby Ellsbury and Dave Ross for
Miguel Cabrera and Dontelle Willis.

Wow can you say blockbuster! While the Marlins give up a good #3 hitter and an ace, they get a
slew of talent in return. Edwin Encarnacion gives them a VERY solid 3B... Lester gives them a
potential top of the rotation starter.... Janish did VERY well for the Dragons but struggled at Sarasota.

Trade 6: Brandon Claussen to the Indians for Kelly Shoppach.

With Victor M. stuck at catcher, there is no place for Shoppach. Claussen would likely rebound in
a new environment and his awful year is already better than most of the Indians this year anyways.
Machado is a nice throw in as the Indians could use another player in the mix for 2B.

Trade 7: Miguel Perez, Joe Mays and Mike Venafro to the Phillies for Dave Dellucci.

Perez gives the Phills a potential catcher for the future with Leiberthal's days numbered... Mays and Venafro are nice throw ins
considering the shattered state of the Phillies' pitching. Delluci has no future with the Phills
as RF/LF/1B are taken up by Abreu, Burrell and Howard respectively. Delluci has done well in his time as
a starter last year and also this year off the bench mainly. While he won't hit .300... he could hit
.250 with 30 HR power, however and .850ish OPS.

Trade 8: B.J. Szymanski and William Bergolla to the A's for Brad Halsey

Halsey is expendable as he only had a rotation spot if others got hurt. Also he waS about the 5th guy in the pen.

2B Freel R
LF Dunn L
3B Cabrera R
CF Griffey L
1B Teixeira R/L
RF Delluci L
SS Phillips R
C Shoppach/Valentin R..R/L




Next year Votto can move to 1B and Teixeira to 3B and Cabrera to OF if Delluci does not resign and Votto is ready.
Bruce eventually takes over for Griffey. We also keep Bailey/Gardner/Votto/Bruce/Stubbs. Let me know which trades
the other teams would definately not agree to and I will try to revise things tomorrow and see where I end up.

The end result has probably one of the best if not THE best rotation in baseball with four potential 15-20 game winners.... An insanely good offense...... and a greatly improved bullpen. There's a lot of buying low in this plan but regardless most of these guys will bounce back to their career norms.

07-06-2006, 07:00 PM
Uh....huh, I don't see it happening. Any of it! Sorry!

07-06-2006, 07:12 PM
Mays and Venafro are nice throw ins??????

Go back and reread that statement. Take your time.

When you fully understand the error in your way, go home, do not pass go and do not collect $200.

07-06-2006, 07:17 PM
And who is paying your Payroll?

07-06-2006, 07:24 PM
Life is not a videogame. Jake Peavy would take, at least, Adam Dunn to acquire. I won't go any further.

07-06-2006, 08:32 PM
Read the first four words of the title guys, "Lets have some fun"

Kearns for Peavy wouldnt be bad with Peavy struggling this year, but theres a better chance of me dating Jessica Alba than any of these trades happening.

07-06-2006, 09:24 PM
Read the first four words of the title guys, "Lets have some fun"

Kearns for Peavy wouldnt be bad with Peavy struggling this year, but theres a better chance of me dating Jessica Alba than any of these trades happening.

the chances of San Diego trading Jake Peavy are slim to none. He is a great pitcher. He struggled for a few starts, but he has been back to his old self as of late. He is one of the few actual #1 starting pitchers in baseball. He's almost untouchable IMO.

07-06-2006, 11:10 PM
I think if you change the thread title to "Lets Have Some Mushrooms", these trades make a lot more sense.