View Full Version : Good Signs

07-07-2006, 01:50 AM
I know it is painful lately, but here are a few good things I see:
**Dunn may be heating up
**The F.O. is showing itself to be unsentimental: vigorous DFAs and Guadardo trade
**EE is back
**We are not out of it.
**It feels like a year BIG trades will go down before the deadline--the Reds may be able to fill their needs if this flurry occurs.

I hope we all (the team, ownership, and the FANS) can suck it up for the big run. For the Narron haters, he's not coddling, nor sturm-und-drang. A level headed approach at a time when his team is in a delicate balance. We all (as named in the previous parenthesis) need to gear up for this second half. GO REDS!!!