View Full Version : Why the NL will win the all star game tonite

07-11-2006, 11:13 AM
Going by the facts the NL is 4-0 in all star games played in pittsburgh yes the AL is 14-3-1 in the last 18 but the NL will win this year because of younger talent nobody has been talking about the NL pen it aint to shabby hoffman fuentes will hold it down fine they have the leagues 2 leading hitters in nomar and sanzhez pujols batting cleanup

Pitching staff wise kenny rogers can be hit early look at the top 3 in the NL lineup soriano,beltran,pujols sounds like couple runs to me.

Im picking the NL tonite 9-8 on a walk off homer by nomar NL comes back on that vaunted AL pen scoring runs on paplebon jenks and rivera