View Full Version : Reds 2004 vs. Reds 2006...

07-28-2006, 11:34 PM
I have seen a couple of posts here kinda comparing the two teams, so I did a little runs scored, runs against research.

2004 Reds at the end of July
RS 480
RA 567

2006 Reds at the end of July
RS 515
RA 524

Now there is no question the 2006 Reds are playing a bit over their heads, if you are comparing their RS/RA to their win/loss totals, but this version of the Reds is far better than the 04 version, it's not even close.

I gotta be honest, all season long I have pretty much just waited for the wheels to fall off, like we have seen happen so many times. After tonight's nail-bitting win, I am starting to believe that we might actually be able to pull this off. I mean, the NL is just horrible, and it seems the Reds are getting hot at just the right time.

Why not?