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08-01-2006, 10:25 AM
I just seems like there are a lot of people around here not happy with the trades that have been made. I for one see no reason to doubt Krivsky at this point. For the most part, everything he's done (sans Joe Mays) has worked out. I can't see how so many people can be unhappy when the enitre baseball world seems to be praising the Reds right now. Is it just because they didn't do more? Is it because they didn't bring in a big name?

Not only did they bolster what may have been the worst bullpen in history, but they did it without getting rid of any of the major prospects in the organization. It seems like a lot of people here, not everybody, just wanted to bring in big names and not give up anything in value in return.

For what it's worth, here's what other's are saying. I know the Sporting News blurb was in a previous thread, but I'll just put it here with everything else as well. I got all of these from Lance McAllister's blog.

Hooray for Wayne Krivsky! The new Reds' GM has been one of the most proactive executives in the game this summer, an animal unbeknownst in Cincinnati since Jim Bowden left town. Krivsky knows that the Reds, even with a flawed pitching staff, can find a place in what will be a weak NL postseason lineup.
Both Lohse and Cormier figure to pitch from the bullpen, making the game shorter for starters like Bronson Arroyo and Aaron Harang. In the past month, backed by new Reds ownership, Krivsky has added Eddie Guardado, Gary Majewski, Bill Bray and these two pitchers to what is now a sturdy pen.
"They stepped up here. We took on some extra payroll. They're standing behind some of the statements they made when they took over the club," Krivsky said of ownership, including new top man Bob Castellini. "I can't emphasize that enough."
Bottom line: Lohse wants to return to the rotation eventually, but he'll be fine in the pen in his switch to the NL, for now. And veteran Cormier must feel like he stepped onto the cliff's edge just as the bridge collapsed behind him. The Reds are players

CBS Sportsline.....Standing ovations
Cincinnati: Maybe the Reds don't catch St. Louis in the NL Central. Maybe they don't even hold onto their current wild-card playoff slot. But rookie general manager Wayne Krivsky, after waiting years to get his chance to run a big-league club, has done a phenomenal job in completely overhauling a bullpen that was leaking more than BALCO grand jury testimony.
A few weeks ago the Reds bullpen ranked last in the NL. In short order, Krivsky added Bill Bray and Gary Majewski , Eddie Guardado and, on Monday, Rheal Cormier and Kyle Lohse. Krivsky was criticized in some quarters for overpaying in the Bray/Majewski deal, but that chorus was braying mostly because their pants were too tight. Krivsky has watched a huge problem develop this summer and he's attempting to do something about it.
If Krivsky remodels this well at home, his wife undoubtedly has the nicest kitchen in the state.

Sporting News

Winner: Reds. In the past month, they've bolstered their bullpen with four and possibly five new relievers, depending on how Kyle Lohse does as a starter. Already on top of the wild-card race, look for the Reds to stay in contention the rest of the season. If balloting for executive of the year was today, GM Wayne Krivsky would be a runaway winner.
Loser: Jim Bowden. He can spin it any way he likes now, but when Alfonso Soriano signs with the Yankees this winter, Bowden's failure to trade him could cost him his job. Make that should cost him his job

Jr's Boy
08-01-2006, 11:20 AM
I've noticed just about anytime the Reds are mentioned winning its always about the weak national league.They never talk about all the offensive categories the Reds lead in.

08-01-2006, 11:26 AM
I agree with that. It does get annoying to always hear that. It's not the Reds fault the National League is having a down year. Even if it is, who cares. They go out there and beat the teams they should beat. Well, the ones that don't reside in the state of Wisconsin anyway. I have faith that this team can play with anyone in the National League in a short series. If they make it to the World Series and get crushed by the Sean Casey and the Tigers, so be it.