View Full Version : Radio Announcer calling game or fashion?

08-07-2006, 07:37 PM
Seriously.... I have just about had it with Mike Vanderwood.:thumbdown .... I really do not care who is wearing what, what kind of fine stitching the dragons uniforms have....where the sun is, where the rainbow is....yada yada..... all while totally skipping a whole batter. "Oh yeah we now have a runner on 2nd, after the first batter struck out swinging."

GRRRRRR....... call the freaking game for crying out loud!!!!!!!:bang:

While I am venting..... I hate it that the commercials go into the game.

I do like his voice.....just stick to the game during the game buddy...chitty chat when things halt KWIM???

Oh yeah....and I am speaking of the Dragon's games. Sorry forgot to mention that.