View Full Version : Is this the craziest National League year ever?

08-08-2006, 12:12 AM
Only one team, the Mets, have been fairly consistent all year. 'Course, you could say the Pirates have been consistent too, but that's probably to be expected.
The Reds endured a couple of 1-8 stretches before the All-Star break, only to take the wildcard lead shortly after the break. The Cardinals have endured not one but two eight-game losing streaks and are still atop the NL Central. The Dodgers go from an eight-game losing streak to potentially a 10-game winning streak. The Diamondbacks were in freefall after the Jason Grimsley incident but they've put together a pair of hot streaks. The Astros are starting to come on. So have the Phillies, who seem to be better from addition by subtraction. Of course, we can't bury the Braves just yet. The Marlins went from a bad first couple of months to a fairly good next couple of months. The Padres and Giants go from one extreme to the other. Heck, as of Friday the Nationals were seven games back of the wildcard. And the Cubs seem to beat the Reds and Cardinals and can't beat anybody else in the league.
Is this as crazy a National League season anyone's seen in recent years?

08-08-2006, 12:13 AM
we were in first place at the beginning of JUne..we should have never have relinquished it.