View Full Version : I'm a little confused...

08-15-2006, 02:35 AM
I was looking today at Homer's stats in A and AA and became slightly confused. If my math is correct, it seems like many of his statistics haven't changed significantly in the switch yet he seems to be dominating better hitters with greater regularity. Am I missing something big?


08-15-2006, 02:49 AM
A much better defense first off. The Sarasota Reds defense was really bad, while Chattanooga has a much better one.

Another thing that you cant see show up is that in Sarasota Homer was either unhittable, or had a bad outting. He gave up 2 or fewer earned runs 8 times. He also allowed 4 or more earned runs 4 times. That will play a lot on your numbers.

In Chattanooga he has been quite consistant. He has had 6 starts where he didnt allow an earned run, and 1 start each where he allowed 1,2 and 3 earned runs.

Homers dERA/real ERA in:
Sarasota - 3.14/3.31
Chattanooga - 2.43/1.03

The one stat you left out that really affects his numbers are HR's.
His HR/9
Sarasota - 0.76
Chattanooga - 0.17

Keeping the ball in the park will really help keep your ERA down.