View Full Version : Parents' illnesses weigh on Griffey

08-16-2006, 02:06 PM
Parents' illnesses weigh on Griffey
By Derrick Goold


His father, Ken Griffey Sr., has a home in Philadelphia, so seeing him pop by the visiting clubhouse at Citizens Bank Park for a visit is not unusual. Missing the first two games of his son's series against the Phillies and then surprising him before the third game Sunday, well, that got his son's attention.

Especially when so much of Ken Griffey Jr.'s thoughts these days are with his parents.

"I've got a few things on my mind," said the Cincinnati Reds outfielder and certain Hall of Famer before Tuesday's game at Busch Stadium. "My dad showed up unannounced (to tell me) he has an early form of prostrate cancer. My mom is going in in the next couple days for colon cancer surgery.

"That's been my week."


Didnt know if this was posted or if you guys knew this but either way sucky stuff.. Junior is one of, if not, my favorite players ever!