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08-21-2006, 01:40 PM
We're travelling the next two weekends and I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions for activites, etc.

This weekend: Toledo Friday for Bats-Hens game. Is there anything worth doing in Toledo other than Tony Packo's or should we just drive up for the game then get out of Dodge? Cleveland Saturday and Sunday for Tigers-Indians. We're staying in Toledo Friday night. My initial thought is to stop at one of the Lake Erie "beaches" for the afternoon before making the trek on across to the "Mistake." We've done the R+R HOF a couple times. Any other suggestions?

Next weekend: Going to Ann Arbor for the Michigan-Vanderbilt game. Any suggestions on arrival approach/parking? Anything we must see while in Ann Arbor? Not planning on spending the night or anything, just an up-and-back trip.

08-21-2006, 01:48 PM
Anything we must see while in Ann Arbor?

Preferably this sign as soon as possible after the game.


08-21-2006, 01:50 PM
Preferably this sign as soon as possible after the game.

If I could hold my breath the whole time, I would.

08-21-2006, 04:28 PM
Go to the Maumee Bay Brewing Company in Toledo. It is near the Hens stadium. I used to be an 18 game package holder at the Hens game, and we used to go there after the game sometimes. It is just across the river near the Owens Corning building, and it is situated in a place called Oliver House. Basically you go straight over the bridge to Owens, and hang a right, and you will see it on a little hill. The brews are good, but even if you don't drink, the food is good for the price too. There is also the Durty Bird. (that IS the way they spell it)

08-21-2006, 09:27 PM
Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland, across from the West Side Market, has great beer and good food. The West Side Market itself is also a great place to get some good food from various stands, similar to Pike Place Market in Seattle, but on a smaller scale. They also don't throw fish, but they might chuck a kielbasa at you if you ask nicely. They're not open every day though. The Flats are no longer what they once were, so if you're looking for nightlife, try the Warehouse District. About an hour south of Cleveland is the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton.

08-21-2006, 10:00 PM
More Toledo info -

I can second the Maumee Bay Brewing company. Also there is new Packo's right by the ballpark. You miss going to the original, but the new place is really nice. Also the Fricker's over the RF wall in the ballpark is pretty good.

Durty Bird I can take or leave, but IMO and from experiences the past couple years it is more the younger party crowd, esp pst-game. I am too old 0- I cannot believe I just typed that!! I more laid back atmosphere is the Bronze Boar, which is on the street that runs along 3B line but a block away from the satdium (kinda behind home plate only down the street a ways).

But those are all things that are basinally pre-game/post-game. Our zoo is very nice (we are members as we have a 4 1/2 yr old little girl. Our art museum is very nice if you are into that sort of thing.

Here is a link to a non-politcally backed newspaper that pretty much focuses on entertainment, etc in the city. I have not checked out the on-line editition but always picked it up around town. You may get some ideas from it.

One thing going on that weekend is th eannual German American festival. Link for more info...

We really like the Lake Erie area around Port Clinton (en route to Cleveland as you have suggested doing). Port Clinton /Sandusky has tons of stuff - Cedar Point, other Water parks, etc, and Put-in Bay is a blast if you wanna take a ferry out to an island and party of just sight-see. kelley;s island nice too but I have to admist I have not been there. Been to Put-in Bay several times though. If you wish, PM me and let me know what you're looking for or not looking for.