View Full Version : WWE 24/7 (new 'On Demand' wrestling channel)

Michael Allred
09-15-2006, 03:13 PM
A few weeks ago, Comcast added WWE 24/7 to their 'On Demand' line-up.

Growing up, I was a big pro wrestling fan but there wasn't much a kid could do if he wanted to watch all the different organizations. Well now that the WWE (formerly WWF) is really the only game in town and have bought up their entire libraries of their former competition, they have a LOT to offer someone like myself who missed out on an awful lot growing up. Call it the nostalgia channel.

Anyway, within a few days I ordered WWE 24/7 from Comcast and watched it for a couple of days. In fact I was watching one of their programs but had to go to work so I stopped in the middle thinking I'd finish it when I came home later that night.

I try doing just that only to see the following message when I hit the continue watching button "This channel is part of a package" that I have to order/buy to watch it. I'm thinking "Um, I already did."

So over the next week and a half I'm e-mailing/calling Comcast about the problem. They try sending "signals" to the digital box (which shuts it off, restarts it with the idea that it needed to be reprogrammed.) They did this several times, didn't work. They sent a technician out here. He looked befuddled, finally saying there's nothing "physical" he can do considering all the equipment is working just fine (which it is, all of our services work, basic, digital, on demand and movie channels -subscription based- al work EXCEPT WWE 24/7.)

I end up speaking with a supervisor (finally. Everyone I spoke with before said they'd pass the issue along to their supervisor but I never heard back from one. I had to call and ask specifically to speak with one of them.) I was told there was nothign he could do and that he had to pass it along to their video on demand department.

Then I get a call as a response to my strongly worded e-mail and was told there is a problem (duh) and that they're working on it. The lady calls the past few days asking if it's working yet (it's not.) She called two days ago saying that it should be working yesterday. It didn't. Now today she calls and asked again, I told her and now I guess she'll call back on Monday since she's off this weekend.

So over two weeks now the channel has been kaput. Comcast says there's a problem but oddly don't tell me what it is. Granted they're crediting me the $7.99 per month fee but I'd rather the damn channel just worked.

Chip R
09-15-2006, 05:52 PM
Cable companies are the devil.

Michael Allred
09-18-2006, 02:22 PM
The channel started to work again late last night. We'll see how long it lasts.