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09-19-2006, 09:12 PM
Griffey deffered 57.5 million of his deal to after 2009!! NOWAY they give him a 16.5 million option on 2009..

Ken Griffey Jr. of
9 years/$116.5M (2000-08), plus $16.5M 2009 club option

00-08:$12.5M/year, 09:$16.5M club option ($4M buyout)
$57.5M in salary deferred at 4% interest, to be paid 2009-2024, reducing contract's present-day value at time of signing to between $9.2M and $9.3M annually, according to Reds management sources
$5.5M of 2000 salary deferred
$6.5M/year of 2001-2008 salaries deferred
agent: Brian Goldberg
ML service: 17.000

The whole team is on this link: