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09-22-2006, 09:00 PM
Phillips thought he'd lost an eye
By Marc Lancaster / Post staff reporter

HOUSTON - Brandon Phillips obviously was in pain after a throw bounced up and hit him in the left eye Tuesday night, but that was the least of his worries.

"I was scared," Phillips said Wednesday morning. "I thought I lost my eye, to tell you the truth."

Phillips remained on the ground for a while after being struck by that throw from Ryan Freel, and he wasn't sure what had happened. He said he still doesn't know if the ball hit him flush or ricocheted off his glove. The last thing he saw was the ball bouncing off the turf.

"I couldn't see nothing," said Phillips. "I kept on saying, 'I can't see.' It really hurt, and I kept on asking, 'Does it look bad? Does it look bad?' It felt like my eyelid was just shut, and I really couldn't see. Then when I opened up my eye, everything was blurry. I tried to stay out there, but it wouldn't come back into focus so they took me out of the game."

Phillips was taken to a local hospital for tests, which he passed, and he said his vision was back to normal Wednesday. In fact, there were no obvious signs that anything had happened. Teammate Adam Dunn got up close and inspected Phillips' face, finding nothing wrong until Phillips pointed to a slight bump underneath his left eyebrow.

That knot was the only lingering effect of the blow. Phillips said his eye felt "heavy," but he expected the bruise to subside after some icing.

"I can see now, I just have trouble looking up," he said. "I lose my focus when I look straight up."

Still, Phillips said he wanted to play Wednesday afternoon, but understood why he couldn't. He's hoping to be back in the starting lineup Friday.

DOG DAYS - The Reds began the series finale without three-fourths of their usual starting infield.

Joining Phillips on the bench were Rich Aurilia and Edwin Encarnacion, both of whom seemed tired to manager Jerry Narron.

"Richie said he could really use a day (off), day game after night game," said Narron. "I don't know if (Encarnacion) needs a day, but Eddie looks like he does. ... He's had too good a year to let him get just so worn down that he can't play like he's supposed to. I'm hoping these two days off back-to-back will help him a little."

In their stead, Ray Olmedo started at second base, Royce Clayton at shortstop and Juan Castro at third base. That was the same defense-oriented group that held down those positions for the final two innings of Tuesday night's victory.

DOUBLE PLAY - Ryan Freel and Chris Denorfia had a slight collision in right-center field in the third inning Wednesday, and both players were out of the game by the fourth.

The run-in was responsible only for Denorfia's injury. As the two outfielders came together, Freel stepped on Denorfia's left ankle and opened up a cut that wouldn't stop bleeding. Five stitches were needed to close the wound, but there shouldn't be any lingering effects.

"We'll re-evaluate him on Friday to determine his availability, but I would think he'd be fully available," said Reds trainer Mark Mann.

Freel left the game with a sprained left wrist that flared up on him after he originally injured it diving for a ball Tuesday night. NOTE: there's a story today that he injured his thumb.

"As the game went on today, he just couldn't hold the bat," said Narron.

Freel will be examined by Dr. Tim Kremchek today.

LOOKING AHEAD - Narron was asked if he might take an extended look at some of the seldom-used players on his roster, like utility infielder Brendan Harris, in the final week and a half.

"I would love to see Harris play some," said Narron. "If he doesn't get to play much, spring training will be huge for him."

Harris has appeared in four games as a Red, going 0-for-5 at the plate with three strikeouts. Unless he starts the majority of the remaining 10 games, which isn't going to happen, he will have to wait for spring training to make an impression.

"Harris has been here since Aug. 31 and if you sit for three weeks, then you can't really judge somebody," said Narron. "I don't think that's fair to him."

EYE ON TUESDAY - If Matt Belisle is going to start Tuesday at Florida, he hasn't been told as much. Not in so many words, anyway.

"I don't know what's going on," Belisle said Wednesday morning. "They mentioned that (starting Tuesday) might be an option. But as far as anything set in stone, no."

Belisle expects to know one way or the other by Friday so he can make the necessary preparations. He hasn't started a game since May 31, 2005, the last of five starts among his 60 appearances for the Reds a year ago.


Sep. 21, 2006
CBS SportsLine.com wire reports

CINCINNATI -- Cincinnati Reds outfielder Ryan Freel will miss the rest of the season because of a hairline fracture of his left thumb, the team said Thursday.


09-23-2006, 01:04 AM
Farney is cause of Freel's woes
ESPN.com wire reports

09/22/06 9:23 PM EST

CINCINNATI - After a week in which the Reds' Ryan Freel nearly cost his team Brandon Phillips' eye and Chris Denorfia's leg, it appears he's come clean as to the real culprit.

Farney. Yes Farney. For those in the know, Farney is the midget...err...height challenged person living in Freel's head. Initially, Farney was a boon to Freel- a hyperactive Utility player who, after producing an ESPY-worthy over-the-shoulder catch versus the Cardinals in early August- citied Farney as his inspiration.

When asked about the grab, Freel stated, "Hey, Al (Albert Pujols) was at the plate and Farney told me that we were going to something great. He smoked one at me and I just had to make Farney proud."

Farney was first discovered by Reds' trainer Mark Mann. Initially, it was reported that Farney's existence was a product of a number of conversations with Mann. However, Mann came clean on the discovery today.

"After what went on last offseason with Ryan (Freel), Wayne (Krivsky) asked me to perform an MRI on Ryan's head." Mann explained. "What I found was evidence of additional brain matter attached to Ryan's cerebellum. I contacted Tim (Dr. Timothy Kremchek) and, after much research, we concluded that Ryan had a twin in the womb and, at some point, he absorbed him."

When asked to expand on that, Mann concluded, "Basically, there is a Farney and he's capable of taking over Ryan's brain."

And he's been nasty lately.

When asked about his August hitting performance, a month in which Freel hit .220 and slugged .275, Freel confessed, "Y'know, I knew that a ton of those pitches were bad and didn't want to swing at them but it's Farney just took over my body and made me. I don't know what happened. I told him 'bad Farney' every time but that just made it worse."

Fast-forward to the first Inning of Tuesday night's Reds/Astros contest. Freel uncorked a throw that ended up resting in Brandon Phillips' eye socket. "I was lining up for a throw there and Farney said 'He's playing the position you should have.' and the throw hit him in the eye. It's tough out there when you're trying to do one thing but then Farney does another." said Freel.

But Farney obviously wasn't happy yet. When asked about the Denorfia collision in the Outfield a day later, Freel responded, "I wanted to pull up but I heard Farney mutter that Denorfia was taking away our playing time. Next thing I knew the words 'Spike him' were running through my head." Denorfia needed five stitches to close an ankle wound that wouldn't stop bleeding.

Freel did note that he was happy that Farney hadn't caused him to injure any fans this year. However, Freel also admitted that Farney had been the instigator of a number of out-of-work conflicts, including his drunk and disorderly arrest this past offseason.

The most recent was the unfortunate result of a breakfast trip to McDonald's last Thursday morning. While waiting in line for an Egg McMuffin and an order of hash browns, Freel stated that Farney caused him to run over 72-year old Ida Vershooven of Lebanon, Ohio.

When asked for her version of events, Vershooven explained, "I was just waiting for my McGriddle and taters when some young guy started pushing his way through the waitin' line screamin' 'FARNEY WANTS HASHBROWNS!!!!' Next thing I knew I was down on the ground with a cut lip and my replaced hip wasn't feelin' so good. Darned fool crazy person. Thank the Lord that my boyfriend Rheal was there to calm things down."

Vershooven was taken to a local Cincinnati hospital for stitches and observation. When interviewed about the encounter, Vershooven's boyfriend explained, "I have no idea what got into Ryan. This area isn't at all like that. It's a great community. In fact, when Kriv (Reds' GM Wayne Krivsky) traded for me, he explained that Cincinnati was flush with women in my age group. That was a big motivator for me and Ida has been a Godsend."

When asked about the prognosis, Cormier noted that Vershooven should recover and added, "It looks like she'll be fine and there's no long-term damage to her hip. When you find a woman who's had the same life experiences you have, you'll do anything you can to hold onto her. My only worry now is keeping her away from the young bucks like David Weathers."

Freel, who wasn't charged with a crime for the encounter due to the additional brain residing in his skull, finally found a way to make Farney less of a threat to others. While initial reports indicated that he suffered an ankle injury from his Wednesday collision with Denorfia, Freel brought finality to his season by injuring his thumb in the clubhouse after Wednesday's game in an attempt to smash through his skull and rid his brain of Farney.

"I just figured that I could poke through my forehead and get that <expletive deleted> midget out of there." stated Freel. "At least then he couldn't go around hurting anybody any more. How the heck was I supposed to know that my head was so hard that I'd break my <expletive deleted> finger?"

The Reds will play out the remainder of 2006 with a combination of Norris Hopper and Todd Hollandsworth manning Right Field. And somewhere in Freel's head, Farney is planning to get even.

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Steel, that was one of the funniest things I've read on here that wasn't written by Redsland. :lol:

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