View Full Version : Not another Narron bashing

lo ryder
09-24-2006, 09:35 PM
Congratulations to this team on their performance this year. I for one feel they exceeded most expectations and put a decent product on the field this year.

Many moves were made, some good and some horrible, but an effort was put forward by ownership, which is a very positive sign to this fan. It was very enjoyable to spend a summer listening to the Reds on radio when the games actually meant something in the standings.

That said, I believe the Reds could take a lesson from the Bengals (never thought I would say that) and learn it all starts from the on field coaches and staff. Marvin has brought a new aura to this fine city that I dont believe Jerry is capable of doing. Marvin is rarely questioned and commands respect. It takes a special person to possess these characteristics and I do not feel Jerry can provide this leadership.

To get this fine organization back to the top should start at the bottom and spiral upwards. Every ship has a fine navigator.

I really dont like the Redlegs taking a backseat to the Bengals, even though i love both clubs.
Any thoughts on this subject would be appreciated.