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09-25-2006, 05:49 PM

Why do I not see names like Homer Bailey, Joey Votto, Drew Stubbs, Jay Bruce or Johnny Cueto on the Reds Arizona Fall League roster? Isn't this league a place for teams to develop their top prospects in Class A and Double-A, and wouldn't you consider those five guys the Reds' top prospects? Yet not one of them is going to play. What gives? -- G.R. Gibbs

Actually, the majority of players that participate in the AFL are from the Double-A and Triple-A levels. That eliminates younger guys like Stubbs, Cueto and Bruce. As for Bailey, he already reached his innings threshold for the year and was shut down for the year after Double-A Chattanooga's season ended.

In case you're curious, seven Reds players will be with the Phoenix Desert Dogs of the AFL -- including pitchers Phil Dumatrait (Triple-A Louisville), Jon Coutlangus, Tyler Pelland and Calvin Medlock, infielder Drew Anderson and outfielders Javon Moran and Cody Strait (all Chattanooga).

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I think that is a good idea about the down on the farm. I wasn't sure with the mail box question and since was with the AFL.
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Should this thread be moved to "Down on the Farm"?

Maybe... but I probably wouldn't have seen it down there and I find it of interest.

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Bailey and Cueto need the offseason, well, off. This is true of most pitchers, hitters could probably stand to gain the most from the league, but Stubbs has just finished a VERY long season, Bruce is a year removed from high school, and what does Votto have to prove in the AFL after dominating the equivalent level AA?

my 2 cents.