View Full Version : How about this as a possibility for 2007?

10-09-2006, 03:39 AM
Now here is an impressive list Wayne Krivsky should pursue:

Nick Johnson
Milton Bradley
Barry Zito
Randy Wolf
Chris Reitsma

Nick Johnson's ops of .948 would look beautiful in the middle of the lineup, and by signing him the Reds could move Votto to the OF for the future.

2B. Ryan Freel
RF. Milton Bradley
CF. Ken Griffey Jr.
1B. Nick Johnson
LF. Adam Dunn
3B. Edwin Encarnacion
SS. Brandon Phillips
C. David Ross

Scott Hatteberg
Rich Aurilia
Javier Valentin
Chris Denorfia
Juan Castro

Aaron Harang
Barry Zito
Bronson Arroyo
Randy Wolf
Eric Milton

Bill Bray
Gary Majewski
Scott Schoeneweis (Resign)
Chris Reitsma
Matt Belisle
Todd Coffey
Closer - Eddie Guardado (Resign)

10-09-2006, 06:10 AM
I don't think Nick Johnson or Milton Bradley are FA. Eddie Guardado might not come back till the All Star break so who is your closer till then? No Lohse, Cormier(already signed) or Claussen? Hatteberg should be the everyday 1st basemen. Also you know we have a Votto waiting in the wings..

The team has already got 37.5 mil invested in Junior, Dunn, Milton, and LaRue.. add about another 10-15 for Aurilia, Harang, and Lohse. One of the Cincinnati beat writers came up with 75 million as a reasonable team salary next season. That would leave after signing everyone else for the min about 8-10 million to sign FA's. Now sure you could unload any of the big 4.. but how? Dunn would be the only one of value and to be honest I don't think if you dealt him this offseason you'd get his worth. Hope he has a good spring then see what you can get. As for your pitchers.. Zito will need to be blown away in dollars to come to the Reds. Wolf might be good, but only if he signs a 1-2 year deal.

Why Milton Bradley? That's like having Jose Guillen and Bret Boone with a zest of Aaron Harangs new born baby girl...