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10-25-2006, 06:48 AM
In another thread, a thoughtful poster posted his 5 moves for 2007. Here is my response and while these types of posts are not very realistic because its impossible to predict trades, for fun here are my 5 moves. Remember that these posts are like those Horoscopes or Gambling Lines that you read in the paper "For Entertainment Purposes Only." And while these specific trades may not be possible, these represent the type of direction that I think the team needs to go. No Big flashy, "rock the foundation" deals IMO.

1. Sign Kyle Lohse to a $3.5 to $4 Million deal and package him with Jason Larue and Gary Majewski to the Yankees for Kyle Farnsworth and Brian Bruney.

Why the Yankees would do it: Larue provides an experienced and respected catcher to split time with Posada, Lohse is a back of the rotation pitcher who is a cheaper and a more healthy alternative to invoking Jaret Wright's option or a similar signing, and Majewski (27) is a middle inning guy with success in 2005 and 2006 prior to the injury trouble as opposed to Bruney (26) who had sucess for 20 innings. When factoring in Wright's salary, the the Yankees save about $3 Million in Salary and $1.2 million in Luxury Tax in 2007 and Farnsworth is off the books for 2008 saving $5+ Million and $2+ Million in Tax.

Why the Reds should do it: Farnsworth is Closer and Bruney is a hard thrower for the pen. Bruney can just pitch as opposed to Maj trying to live up to post trade hype. Larue and Farnsworth are about a salary wash for 2007.

2. Trade Rheal Cormier, Tyler Pelland and Juan Castro to the Angels for Macier Izturis

Why The Angels Would Do It: Izturis is the odd man out with Cabrera signed for big bucks and with all the prospects (Aybar, Kendrick, Wood, McPherson) coming and is kept for last resort purposes. They need a LH for the pen and Cormier gives them one. Pelland gives them a young LH with a decent arm and potential to fill a role. Castro gives them the last resort insurance that Izturis provided. They may want Harris instead and I'd do that too.

Why The Reds Should Do It: Iztruris is 27 in 2007 and would start at SS. He had a .777 OPs in 352 ABs in 2006. Saves about $2.5 Million in Payroll.

3. Sign Eduardo Perez to be the RH half of the 1B Platoon He would be cheap and wouldn't hate Cincy. He would provide power against LH in the 6 spot in the order. He could play LF or RF occasionally to give Dunn or Griffey a breather. He'd be happy in a role like that. The fans would like him.

4. Trade Ryan Freel to SF for Kevin Correia (Thanks to 11BarryLarkin11 for recommending Correia in another thread.)

Why The Giants Would Do It Freel gives them younger, faster legs who could play some CF or 2B. With Durham, Finley, Alou and Bonds all FA, lots of positions are up in the air, Freel would be a good option in the OF and IF. Correia wants to start and there is no room in SF right now. I suspect the Giants will make a run at Zito to replace Schmidt.

Why The Reds should Do It Freel is useful but not essential. With Phillps at 2B, he won't get much time in the IF anymore and he is nothing special offensively as an OF. Correia will be 27 next year, was effective in the pen in 2006, wants to start and has good stuff. Reds would save $1.5 Million or so. Jerry Gil could possibly fill Freel's role or Brendan Harris and an OF signing ...

5. Sign Jay Payton to a 2 year deal as 4th OF and insurance for Deno and Griffey Payton is a good glove who can hit some. He can play CF and run. Reds could afford him and reasonably offer 350 to 400 AB as a fill-in. Dunn could rest a little more with Payton to play LF once in a while.

There you go. The 2007 Reds w/o trading any foundation pieces and w/o breaking the bank. Improved defense, more youth, ok bench, promising pitching, defined roles in the pen, passable offense (especially if Votto comes on).

Deno CF
Izturis SS
Dunn LF
EdE 3B
Griffey RF
Hatteberg/Perez 1B (eventually Votto in Hat's spot, sooner the better IMO)
Phillips 2B
Ross/Javy C

Others on the Bench
Gil (Hat goes to the bench when Votto arrives).

Milton (Bailey by July)

Farnsworth - CL
Coffey - 8th
Bray - Late Innng LH
Bruney - 6th and 7th
Shack - Loogy (Coutlangus might push for this spot)
Claussen - LH Long relief/starter insurance
Belisle - RH Long relief/starter insurance

10-25-2006, 10:08 AM
Finally, someone with sensible proposals. I actually think they are very realistic. The Reds would actually be giving up talent (in some cases more than the other team, but it fills needs).

Although, one note, I wouldn't trade Juan Castro (nor do I think it will happen). I don't think he has near the same value to other teams. I really believe he was brought in to mentor the young IF, especially EE. I would substitute Olmedo for Castro in that deal.

10-25-2006, 02:45 PM
I saw the title of the thread and assumed naked chicks and/or gambling were involved. Damn you!

Natty Redlocks
10-25-2006, 03:37 PM
I don't think you're allowed to make trade proposals that don't involve Adam Dunn.

Seriously, I like it a lot. This sort of thing should be required reading for all of us junior gms -- especially the part about it being impossible to predict trades. Well done.

10-25-2006, 04:43 PM
Deno would have to come off the bench if you signed Jay Payton.. That was his issue in SD and the reason he got dealt to Oakland. Payton is going to want to start and much like Aurilia isn't going to sign with a team unless. But I do like how you give some pros as to why its best suited for each team.

Back to your deal with the Angels.. take out Castro and put in Dunn. Ask for Ervin Santana and Brandon Wood in exchange for Dunn, Cormier, and Pelland

10-25-2006, 08:56 PM
I just dont think those moves would allow the Reds to win more games in 07 then they did in 06.If the Reds want to get to the post season in 07 they better add another bat to the order that can be a run producer.Also they will need to add another starter besides what you have.But I like the bull pen you have it looks solid.