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10-31-2006, 08:45 PM
Hey guys,

I am in an OOTP league, and we are looking to add real players for the draft picks. Basically what I need is a scouting report for Drew Stubbs. It doesn't have to be in OOTP form or anything like that, just a scouting report.

Here is what he said was looking for:

For the position players, scouting on their hitting and fielding abilities, positions they play and projections on their abilities.
The more concise info, the better.

Any help would be awesome.


10-31-2006, 08:47 PM
Oh and also, if anyone comes up with some other scouting reports for other players, go ahead and post it in here.

Here is the link to his post:


In an attempt to keep real players from being outnumbered by sim-generated players in future seasons, I made a proposal to Larry that the first two rounds of the CBL draft be filled with the matching players drafted in the MLB 2006 amateur draft (this would include the 44 players chosen during the 1st round and supplemental first round). This proposal was approved.

I plan on going forward with this, but today I landed myself a new job. However, I should still have time to work on this an hour or two a day during the week and dedicate more time during the weekend. But with the fast pace being set for the CBL to move into the next season soon, I could use a little help. Basically, I need people with access to up-to-date scouting reports to send me scouting info on the players listed below. The main things I need for the pitchers are reports on their velocity, scouting on stuff, movement, control and their projected ceilings. For the position players, scouting on their hitting and fielding abilities, positions they play and projections on their abilities. The best thing you could do is post this info here in this thread. The more concise the info is to match my needs the better. Sources used would also be appreciated.

Hopefully, with your help, we can finish the draftee edit before draft day arrives. Thanks.

2006 Draft Order
Pick Team Player Position School (Type) Hometown Notes

1 Kansas City Royals Luke Hochevar RHP American Association (IND)
2 Colorado Rockies Greg Reynolds RHP Stanford University (Col.)
3 Tampa Bay Devil Rays Evan Longoria IF Long Beach State University (Col.)
4 Pittsburgh Pirates Brad Lincoln RHP University of Houston (Col.)
5 Seattle Mariners Brandon Morrow RHP University of California (Col.)
6 Detroit Tigers Andrew Miller LHP University of North Carolina (Col.)
7 Los Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw LHP Highland Park High School (HS)
8 Cincinnati Reds Drew Stubbs OF University of Texas (Col.)
9 Baltimore Orioles Billy Rowell 3B Bishop Eustace Preparatory School (HS)
10 San Francisco Giants Tim Lincecum RHP University of Washington (Col.)
11 Arizona Diamondbacks Max Scherzer RHP University of Missouri (Col.)
12 Texas Rangers Kasey Kiker LHP Russell County High School (HS)
13 Chicago Cubs Tyler Colvin OF Clemson University (Col.)
14 Toronto Blue Jays Travis Snider OF Jackson High School (HS)
15 Washington Nationals Chris Marrero 3B Monsignor Pace High School (HS)
16 Milwaukee Brewers Jeremy Jeffress RHP Halifax County High School (HS)
17 San Diego Padres Matt Antonelli 3B Wake Forest University (Col.)
18 Philadelphia Phillies Kyle Drabek RHP The Woodlands High School (HS)
19 Florida Marlins Brett Sinkbeil RHP Missouri State University (Col.)
20 Minnesota Twins Chris Parmelee OF Chino Hills High School (HS)
21 New York Yankees Ian Kennedy RHP University of Southern California (Col.)
22 Washington Nationals Colton Willems RHP John Carroll Catholic High School (HS)
23 Houston Astros Max Sapp C Bishop Moore High School (HS)
24 Atlanta Braves Cody Johnson 1B Mosley High School (HS)
25 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Hank Conger C Huntington Beach High School (HS)
26 Los Angeles Dodgers Bryan Morris RHP Motlow State Community College (Col.)
27 Boston Red Sox Jason Place OF Wren High School (HS)
28 Boston Red Sox Daniel Bard RHP University of North Carolina (Col.)
29 Chicago White Sox Kyle McCulloch RHP University of Texas (Col.)
30 St. Louis Cardinals Adam Ottavino RHP Northeastern University (Col.)

Supplemental First Round
Pick Team Player Position School (Type) Hometown Notes

31 Los Angeles Dodgers Preston Mattingly SS Evansville Central High School (HS)
32 Baltimore Orioles Pedro Beato RHP St. Petersburg Junior College (Col.)
33 San Francisco Giants Emmanuel Burriss SS Kent State University (Col.)
34 Arizona Diamondbacks Brooks Brown RHP University of Georgia (Col.)
35 San Diego Padres Kyler Burke OF Ooltewah High School (HS)
36 Florida Marlins Chris Coghlan 3B University of Mississippi (Col.)
37 Philadelphia Phillies Adrian Cardenas 2B Monsignor Pace High School (HS)
38 Atlanta Braves Cory Rasmus RHP Russell County High School (HS)
39 Cleveland Indians David Huff LHP UCLA (Col.)
40 Boston Red Sox Kris Johnson LHP Wichita State University (Col.)
41 New York Yankees Joba Chamberlain RHP University of Nebraska (Col.)
42 St. Louis Cardinals Chris Perez RHP University of Miami (Col.)
43 Atlanta Braves Steve Evarts LHP Robinson High School (HS)
44 Boston Red Sox Caleb Clay RHP Cullman High School (HS)

So ovbiously nothing long that would take long periods of time to go through, just simple, concise scoutin reports.

Thanks again.