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11-03-2006, 07:15 PM


By Dave Telep
National Recruiting Director
Posted Sep 13, 2006

It’s been pretty quiet on the Bill Walker front in terms of recruiting. Soon, that could change as Walker might be on the verge of making national college basketball headlines with a plan that could land him in college this winter.

The hot topic of the day is Bill Walker. The 6-foot-6 North College Hill senior, ranked No. 8 in the country by Scout.com and the No. 2 overall small forward, could be in the midst of making a little high school basketball history.

Walker, a member of the Class of 2007, could find his way onto a college basketball campus – likely Kansas State’s – by the semester break. Recently, as in the last week, a potential plan to make this happen, was hatched.

According to a source, Walker is attempting to turn qualify, enroll and play this season.

“That’s what was talked about but he’s still got to pass the test and get senior English,” the source confirmed. “He’s got everything besides that and a math or science. I think he needs one of the classes.

“I think it’s doable but it can also go sour. Now, (he’s worried that) everybody might start recruiting him. It’s been kept as low as possible but obviously someone didn’t hold it under their hat.”

Should this go down and Walker make the what we perceive is an unprecedented enrollment midway through what should have been his final year in high school, Kansas State appears to be the benefactor.

Our source confirmed that this was the idea, which was backed by the Wildcats, was broached with Walker earlier this month. Its unlikely Walker will comment on this situation or any recruiting scenario.

“He doesn’t want the attention. You can’t find anyone that can get a hold of him. (When the time comes) he’d just rather make it happen.”

One of the things a young man like Walker would look forward, especially since he’s ineligible to play his final year at North College Hill, would be the post-season all-star circuit. It would be a downer but the upside of getting involved in college ASAP would seem to be a much better solution that missing out on months of game action.

“The kid probably has a doubt in his mind because he won’t be able to do all the other things like play in the McDonald’s game,” the source said.

To recap: Walker is quickly wading through some courses in an attempt to get his core credits in order, graduate and pass the standardized test. Should he gain eligibility and wade his way through the hurdle known as the NCAA Clearinghouse, he could be in Manhattan by mid-December or January.

Chip R
11-03-2006, 07:33 PM
I guess this would be a moot point if he goes pro early but if he does this and he stays all 4 years, hs eligibility will run out after the fall semester of 2010 - or 2011 if he is held out a year. That's kind of screwing your team in a way. But it probably won't matter since I'm sure he'll be long gone by then.

11-03-2006, 07:39 PM
Could have been...could have been...

And yes, I think Mick will do a fantastic job