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11-15-2006, 05:51 PM
Got any good ones?

At my previous home, the next door neighbor had a 16 year old son. He was a typical wannabe punk. Loud music late a night. Beer cans in the front yard. Parade of women showing up at the door. Mom and Dad were never home so he basically ran the show.

We had words a few times and that generally kept him in check.

He drove this goofy little purple S10 type truck but it was lowered to .05inch off the ground, had a rad Krakco WallMart Radio and was generally a hunk of crap. He regularly parked it on the street in front of our house. We had a 2 car driveway so it wasn't a big deal but he'd usually pull up high on the curb so it made mowing there difficult/impossible.

My father-in-law bought me over a new mower as a gift. Despite having had mowed yards since I was 13 he felt the need to fire it up and mow a few passes to demonstrate it. Well, the purple truck was out front and the mulch plate was off the mower.....

This cub cadet commerical grade mower launched grass all over this kids truck. I've never seen that much grass come out of a mower. It was covered. It sorta looked like one of those marine snipers in the woolly suits they wear as camo except in this case the marine wore purple.

It took no more than 2 passes for the kid to run out, jump in his truck and haul out of there. We laughed for hours. He finally came back after detailing his "baby" and never parked in front of our house again.

11-16-2006, 06:29 AM
Not really a neighborhood story here, but I stopped this wealthy suburban white kid, who grew up privelaged all of his life. I think he was like 17 or so, one of those dudes who wore his FUBU shirts, Blue North Carolina hat on sideways, and his pants about ready to fall off of him. I walked up to him, spoke to hime very politely, and I could sense that he had the anti-cop attitude.
As I continued to talk to him, he wanted to argue and argue with me about why I stopped him,saying the only reason why I stopped him is because he dresses like a "boy from the hood", like I could really see how he was dressed from across four lanes of traffic.
He continued to run his mouth and tried to act all hard with me saying stuff like "if I had my homies from the hood here with me, you would be crying like a little b--ch from what they would do to you.
At this point, with a little bit of police motivation, I brought him out of his car and back to my patrol car, where he was still spewing his ghetto venom, or at least what he thought was. I turns out he was under suspension for dropping out of high school, so I had everything I needed to detain and arrest him, but instead of doing that I was going to take him to his parents with a slight detour along the way.
Since he wanted to act like he was from the hood, I drove him to the hood up around Cleveland Ave. and Agler Rd. to see how well he would fit in. I opened my patrol car door to let him out, with just a ticket and he was pale as ghost. He said "man, I ain't getting out here, these (racial slur) will have me capped in less than an hour". I then took him home to his mother, who I saw at the post office recently. He is back in school. She said he still gives her the "home boy" attitude once and a while, but is noticeably better.

11-16-2006, 12:36 PM
Back when we lived out in the country, we had a neighbor kid that was a real case. When we built our house, he was about 8, and he used to throw rocks at the guys as they were framing the second floor. When he was about ten, he shot our dog with a pellet gun (nothing could be proved, but he was seen playing with his pellet gun the day our dog was shot. Fortunately the dog survived).

Then when he was about 14, his parents bought him a beat-up $400 car to drive around their 6 acres (the theory was it would "keep him out of trouble"). Of course, before too long he took it out onto the roads, where he was apprehended by the police; speeding, underage, no license, no insurance, no plates on the car, and he tried to flee from the police. His parents' response to this? They grounded him, but they bought him an ATV so he'd have something to do while he was grounded.

A couple of years later we had moved away, but we heard from some of our old neighbors that the police had discovered a drug stash he had buried out in the back part of what had been our yard. Haven't heard about him lately, but I assume that his food and lodging are being taken care of by the state of Indiana.

11-16-2006, 02:51 PM
I was at a bar once when I was underage. My neighbor was there with a woman who was not his wife. We both agreed not to tell on each other. (Honestly, I think he wife was also having an affair.)