View Full Version : Arroyo to play at McAuley arts benefit

11-26-2006, 09:27 PM
I got a little snippy with Bronson Arroyo after his most recent "I want to be back in Boston" comments; this makes me think I was a bit hasty and reminds me of the actions-louder-than-words mentality. he's playing an off-season, afternoon benefit for a school raising money to build a new performance arts facility and scholarships to go along with it. Arts program suffer so much these days, especially in these kinds of schools where it's relatively small and all-girls and the focus is on academics for college transcripts and on sports (and arts scholarships are almost unheard of), so I am all about this.


I hear Arroyo's name tied to a lot of things like this, actually, and as much as I try to keep my judgment of baseball players tied to their on-field performance alone, stuff like this means a lot to me. He's been talking about Boston the whole time he's been here, but he's also been doing little local concerts and a good bit of charity work...just an all-around involved kind of guy. I do think it's very helpful and important for a team that is trying desperately to get more people to the park. In a market this size, those kinds of community ties really do make a difference.

11-26-2006, 09:31 PM
though I am rather curious to see what nimrods constitute Arroyo's "band". (Sorry, I just will never get past the covers of Creed. As well I shouldn't.)