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Johnny Footstool
11-28-2006, 05:11 PM
Kind of an empty gesture, considering that Saberhagen isn't HOF-bound. It's also misguided (see the bolded section below). But it's a nice gesture nonetheless.


Posted on Tue, Nov. 28, 2006

Sabes says he would decline Hall honor

The Kansas City Star

Bret Saberhagen doesn’t hold any illusions about his chances of making it into the Baseball Hall of Fame now that he’s entered his first year on the ballot.

But Saberhagen had some startling words for Hall voters about what he’d do if he got in.

“I’d have to decline,” Saberhagen said by phone. “I wouldn’t accept it unless the Hall decides to put Pete Rose in, which is where he belongs. You’re talking about the all-time hits leader. It’s never been proven that he bet on baseball while he played.” JF's NOTE: Maybe you haven't heard, Bret, but Pete admitted doing it. Proof isn't really necessary at this point.

Saberhagen said he isn’t a close friend of Rose’s.

“We talk when we run into each other,” Saberhagen said, “but it’s not like I’ve got his number or he’s got mine. We don’t hang out. But I just feel there’s a problem with the Hall and him not being in there.”

Whether Saberhagen will have to put that gesture to test is debatable. Saberhagen’s numbers are solid — a career 167-117 record with a 3.34 ERA and two Cy Youngs. Those numbers compare perhaps most to Ron Guidry, who won 170 games and had a 3.28 ERA. Guidry stayed on the Hall ballot eight times but never received more than the 44 votes he got in 2000.

“Being in consideration is certainly an honor,” Saberhagen said. “And certainly the numbers aren’t quite what they could have been if I hadn’t been hurt as much.

“But whether or not I get in, or whatever happens, I don’t think that will define my career in my mind. I felt I gave it everything I had at all times. I’m not one of those guys who would go around and advertise it if I got in. There are some guys who will sign their name and then sign ‘HOF’ underneath it. That wouldn’t be me.”

Regardless of what happens in the Baseball Hall of Fame voting, Saberhagen at least has the reward of being in the Royals’ Hall of Fame.

“Those were definitely my fondest years,” Saberhagen said. “That’s where I learned the true meaning of playing for a team and being able to count on each other. That was a team of not just players but of friends.”

11-28-2006, 08:59 PM
aplaud this man somebody will stand up for pete