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12-20-2006, 09:02 PM
This guy Snider is a stand-up guy and I hope Wayne saw this quote...it's only a matter of time before these words (hopefully) will come from his or Bob's mouth. One can only hope.

This can probably get merged with the other threads floating around, but I thought it was extremely ironic and deserving of its own thread for a little while since this has been hypothetically mentioned in relation to the current Cincy situation.

Iverson, a seven-time All-Star, transformed the 76ers from lottery losers to contenders, though he couldn't bring home an NBA title to this championship-starved city. He came close in 2001, when the 76ers lost to the Lakers in the NBA Finals. Since then the team has fallen from the elite, missing the playoffs twice in the last three seasons.

This year is worse, with the 76ers on an 11-game losing streak. Only Memphis (5-19) has a worse record than the 76ers (5-18), who are winless since Nov. 24.

"We haven't won a championship, and I think we were a long way from winning a championship, even with Allen," Sixers chairman Ed Snider said. "It was time for us to take a deep breath and say we've got to move in a different direction. Allen wanted to move in a different direction."


12-20-2006, 09:52 PM
Maurice Cheeks sucks and couldn't win a Championship if had a team full of All-Stars. Snider is an idiot for allowing Maurice Cheeks to be a head coach. I've never seen a worse coach in 40 years of watching sports.