View Full Version : Hate web design, yet always dreamed of blogging?

Doc. Scott
12-20-2006, 11:39 PM
(Note to moderators: feel free to move this if it's somehow considered non-baseball, but I want some of the board's junior members to see this.)

...then help my good buddy Evan with the Most Valuable Network!

I spent about two years as the Reds blogger for MVN.com. It's a great way to gain "experience" (inasmuch as it really matters with this stuff) and hone your writing skills.

I've moved on to my own domain, of course, but I really recommend MVN if you've always thought of attempting a Reds blog but fear all the technical aspects of web design.

The site is going through a much-needed redesign at the moment, and will have a much cleaner and more professional look when it's completed. You can see some of the new design at the mvn.com front page.



If you're interested or have questions, kick me a PM or reply in this thread.