View Full Version : A Christmas Gift (another question mainly for the ladies)

12-22-2006, 02:07 AM
I was thinking about buying my girlfriend a necklace for christmas, and I have no idea what to get, I have been saving money for a while and I think I have found something to get her, but I'm not sure, and I kinda need to know soon, lol. This is what I am strongly thinking about.... http://www1.macys.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=107773&CategoryID=21247 Please let me know if this is good enough. Thank you so much!

12-22-2006, 02:35 AM
:D Do you know GriffeyFan?

12-22-2006, 02:41 AM
No, I only talk to one RedsZoner off of Redszone, and its not a girl, lol

12-22-2006, 02:46 AM

I meant this.

12-22-2006, 07:03 AM
If you are sticking in that price range, I would buy her some diamond earrings. just a suggestion.

12-22-2006, 08:28 AM
I think it's a nice piece of jewelry. First, I would make sure that's the kind of thing she likes. I assume you have a good sense for that- what size pendants does she normally wear on a necklace, and what size chain (16 inch is pretty standard and it's the usual length)? That said, if she doesn't like the length she can change it.

I like the suggestion on the diamond earrings. To me those seem like something that would probably be right for more occasions.

Hope this helps.

12-22-2006, 09:08 AM
Speaking as a woman - I'd prefer diamond earrings as well - but then I'm not much of a necklace wearer.