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01-08-2007, 02:01 AM
Vote for all LEFT FIELDERS you believe should be in the RedsZone Hall of Fame. This is a multiple-choice poll so you're allowed to vote for more than one player.

For reference purposes: Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Left Fielders (http://www.baseballhalloffame.org/hofers_and_honorees/lists/pos&LF.htm)

Previously Elected Left Fielders: Lou Brock, Ed Delahanty, Ralph Kiner, Joe Medwick, Stan Musial, Willie Stargell, Billy Williams, Ted Williams, & Carl Yastrzemski

Dropped From Ballot: Dusty Baker, Don Baylor, Don Buford, Joe Carter, Rico Carty, Tommy Davis, Brian Downing, Del Ennis, Kirk Gibson, Sid Gordon, Tommy Harper, Jeff Heath, willie Horton, Dave Kingman, Greg Luzinski, Gary Matthews, Hal McRae, Kevin McReynolds, & Riggs Stephenson

Players from earlier eras may be lesser known among some RedsZone voters, but in the efforts of encouraging everybody to vote while also maintaining a somewhat level playing field for all eligible candidates, we've instituted a tier system for support needed to gain election ...

Negro Leaguers: Need 3/8 support
19th century (i.e. pre 1903): Need 2/5 support
Early Modern (roughly 1903-1945): Need 1/2 support
Integration (roughly 1945-1970): Need 5/8 support
Post Integration (roughly 1970-present): Need 2/3 support
Ineligible List: Need 3/4 support

The charts below are win shares data for all candidates. In order from left to right, the columns are career win shares, five-year peak win shares, win shares per 162 games, win shares during a player's top season and the predominant era each player played in (for purposes of the tier voting system). Happy voting!

Player Career WS Peak WS WS per 162 Top Season Era
Albert Belle 245 140 25.78 37 Post Integration
Gene Benson --------------- NEGRO LEAGUES ----------------------------------
George Burns 290 138 25.35 34 Early Modern to WWII
Jesse Burkett 389 147 30.48 38 19th Century
Fred Clarke 400 133 28.90 31 Early Modern to WWII
Jose Cruz 313 124 21.54 30 Post Integration
George Foster 269 132 22.04 32 Post Integration
Augie Galan 263 130 24.45 32 Early Modern to WWII
Goose Goslin 355 147 25.14 33 Early Modern to WWII
Chick Hafey 186 113 23.48 25 Early Modern to WWII
Topsy Hartsel 223 124 26.68 30 Early Modern to WWII
Pete Hill --------------- NEGRO LEAGUES ----------------------------------
Frank Howard 297 153 25.38 38 Integration
Monte Irvin (http://www.baseball-reference.com/i/irvinmo01.shtml)** --------------- NEGRO LEAGUES ----------------------------------
Joe Jackson*** 323 184 39.28 39 Early Modern to WWII
Bob Johnson 287 118 24.95 31 Early Modern to WWII
Joe Kelley 305 136 26.82 31 19th Century

* Missed playing time due to WWII
** Monte Irvin (http://www.baseball-reference.com/i/irvinmo01.shtml) played 764 games in MLB, from 1949-1956, and made his MLB debut at age 30
*** Currently on the MLB ineligible list

Player Career WS Peak WS WS per 162 Top Season Era
Charlie Keller* 218 148 30.18 36 Early Modern to WWII
Sherry Magee 354 151 27.47 38 Early Modern to WWII
Heinie Manush 285 128 22.98 35 Early Modern to WWII
Minnie Minoso 283 133 24.98 32 Integration
Lefty O'Doul 144 122 24.04 33 Early Modern to WWII
Tip O'Neill 213 137 32.73 36 19th Century
Jim O'Rourke 305 103 27.85 25 19th Century
Jim Rice 282 127 21.86 36 Post Integration
Jimmy Sheckard 339 127 25.88 33 Early Modern to WWII
Al Simmons 375 153 27.42 36 Early Modern to WWII
Turkey Stearnes --------------- NEGRO LEAGUES ----------------------------------
Harry Stovey 265 121 28.88 28 19th Century
Mule Suttles --------------- NEGRO LEAGUES ----------------------------------
Bobby Veach 265 137 23.56 32 Early Modern to WWII
Zack Wheat 380 128 25.54 35 Early Modern to WWII
Roy White 263 140 22.65 34 Post Integration
Ken Williams 202 124 23.42 30 Early Modern to WWII

* Missed playing time due to WWII

01-08-2007, 01:00 PM
I know this might not be a popular opinion, but Albert Belle will eventually be near the top of the list of one of the best players to never get the HOF nod.

He gets my vote for our poll.

01-09-2007, 06:19 AM
I know this might not be a popular opinion, but Albert Belle will eventually be near the top of the list of one of the best players to never get the HOF nod.

He gets my vote for our poll.

I would have voted for him if he'd lasted in the majors longer. His injury cut his career too short IMO. The other stuff shouldn't matter. He was one of the top hitters for a few years.

01-16-2007, 12:13 PM
My ballot ...

Jesse Burkett, Fred Clarke, Goose Goslin, Monte Irvin, Joe Jackson, Sherry Magee, Jimmy Sheckard, Al Simmons, Turkey Stearnes, Mule Suttles, and Zack Wheat.

I've always felt Magee and Sheckard were a bit underrated, though I'm partial to Dead Ball Era and early 20th century players. Stearnes and Suttles were two elite Negro League hitters so they definitely got my vote. I go back and forth on Jackson, but decided to vote for him.

This ballot's open until January 22nd so there's still a bit of time left to vote.

01-16-2007, 12:49 PM
Interesting; very little love here for Jose Cruz, who's kind of well known for being a truly great hitter trapped in a park that deflated his stats. And none at all for Roy White, who was a lesser-known victim of the same syndrome. It's tough; you have to vote for what a player actually did, not what he would have done if life were fair. In the same vein, in a just world, Minoso would have put up enough stats to coast into the Hall; instead he's a tough call. I didn't vote for him but probably will next time.

Big Klu
01-21-2007, 02:34 PM
I voted for:

Belle, Burkett, Clarke, Goslin, Irvin, Jackson, Johnson, Manush, Minoso, Rice, Simmons, Stearnes, Suttles, and Wheat.

02-06-2007, 09:46 PM
Five left fielders were elected this season, and we now have 14 left fielders elected to the RedsZone Hall of Fame.

Two Negro Leaguers who are arguably the top two left fielders in Negro League history, Turkey Stearnes and Mule Suttles, are among the five elected. Al Simmons and Goose Goslin were also elected, with both hitters playing during the high-scoring era of the 1920s and 1930s.

The surprise election was that of Joe Jackson, who received exactly the minimum 75 percent necessary for election.

Left Fielders (14)

Lou Brock
Ed Delahanty
Goose Goslin
Joe Jackson
Ralph Kiner
Joe Medwick
Stan Musial
Al Simmons
Willie Stargell
Turkey Stearnes
Mule Suttles
Billy Williams
Ted Williams
Carl Yastrzemski