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I'll give it to the guy thats pretty creative......

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:clap: I'll give it to the guy thats pretty creative......:clap:

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Major props! Fabulous idea.:clap:


Marriage Proposal On TV Works; She Says 'I Do'

(CBS) SEATTLE When Rand Fishkin's plans to propose to his girlfriend in a Super Bowl commercial fell through, he opted for the next best thing: an ad during her favorite show.

So Tuesday night, while Geraldine DeRuiter watched the CW drama "Veronica Mars," up popped Fishkin on her television set.

"Whole world? This is Geraldine," Fishkin said, holding a picture of his longtime girlfriend. "She is amazing in every way. For the last five years, we've spent the best parts of our lives together and made it through the tough times, too. I couldn't ask for anything more in my life than her love. And that's why I'm here today. Geraldine, will you marry me?"

Back home, after a few moments of squeals and disbelief, a visibly surprised DeRuiter said "yes."

Fishkin, the CEO and co-founder of a Seattle search engine optimization company, had hoped to propose in an ad aired during Sunday's Super Bowl game. Last fall, he anonymously created mysuperproposal.com, a Web site to share his plans and solicit donations to help pay for one of the coveted commercials, which can sell for upward of $2.5 million.

"This isn’t just to make myself some profits," Fishkin, 27, wrote on his site. "This is to do something no man has ever done before, propose before the largest audience imaginable. Man, how sweet would that be?"

Bloggers began writing about Fishkin's efforts to help drum up support.

Media attention then focused on the mystery man behind the plan. Fishkin even appeared on several national programs, including "Entertainment Tonight," but stayed in the shadows and with his voice obscured to protect his secret.

And by the Super Bowl, the pitch was feverish. An AdWeek poll asked which commercials people most anticipated seeing during the big game and "that marriage proposal guy" reportedly came in first with 36 percent.

The buzz nearly led to a major company featuring Fishkin's proposal in one of its Super Bowl spots. That deal fizzled, though, at the last minute and Fishkin was left working on plan B.

With the help of KSTW-TV, the CBS-owned CW station in Seattle, Fishkin filmed his proposal on Monday and opted for a slightly lower key approach. He bought the 30-second primetime spot during "Veronica Mars," one of DeRuiter's favorite shows. His proposal aired on Tuesday night.

As the commercial played, Fishkin kneeled beside DeRuiter and opened a ring case. DeRuiter watched the commercial in shock, then, after nearly hyperventilating, embraced Fishkin and said, "Yes!"

The couple said in a posting on the site Wednesday that "we’re going to be taking some time to spend with friends, talk to each other, drink champagne and celebrate." No wedding date has been announced.

Fishkin earlier said he raised more than $10,000 in cash donations through his site. He will donate that money to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville.

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