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02-11-2007, 12:33 AM
It's funny. The front office really hasn't done much for 2007, but these last two signings and the upcoming draft have really gotten me excited about the future of this organization.

It'll be interesting to see the fans' reaction if:

A. The Reds have a bad season in '07 but Harang and/or Arroyo pitch like vintage wine


B. The Reds have a bad season in '07 and Harang and/or Arroyo get pounded like $2.00 beefsteak.


02-11-2007, 12:56 AM
Let's say he doesn't get hurt and he equals his career year of 2006 for the next two years. Wouldn't you think 2 years at 25M would be pretty steep?

If we did not sign Arroyo to an extension, and he had 2 more seasons where he lead the major leagues in innings pitched and posted an ERA in the low 3's, what sort of contract would he get?

I'd suggest something better than Zito got, because Zito didn't come close to what you are suggesting.

Meche types are getting $55 over 5 years. If Arroyo continues to produce, he would get a fortune. If Arroyo pitches 200 innings per seaon and gets an ERA around 4-4.25, he'd get a 4 year, $40-50M contract.

02-11-2007, 01:41 AM
That BP write-up is a pretty good overview of an assessment. Any sportswriter who uses the word "chuffed" jumps a few percentage points in my book.

That's pretty funny. I was going to give him props for using 'sanguine'. That's a purdy werd in my book.

05-04-2008, 05:28 PM
Bad move, considering Arroyo is about ready to turn into a Pumpkin. He should have been let go after the 2008 season if not traded earlier.

Krivsky is truly planless. His only plan seems to be: Wait to Homer Bailey gets here, the fun will really begin then!!!! Poor Homer.

Of course finding a lefty for 2008 should be Krivsky's priority, but he is probably just counting on Travis Wood lol.

When does the new GM count on the former GMs's prospects to throw you over the top?

I nailed this. Wiry,small pitchers don't last long. I think 2006 was like 99, the weak got tricked in(last time Jimbo, this time Cast) and taken for a ride.

Bronson also represents 20+ million of debt the Reds must hold through 2010.

05-04-2008, 09:36 PM
I was money.

My worthless opinion on the Arroyo signing....

I like the Harang deal a lot, but I'm not buying into the hype of the Arroyo deal. On one side, it shows that the team is committed to some form of stability, which I dig, but on the other, it's quite a bit of money for a guy that may have peaked in 2006.

If I have the numbers right, Bronson was due to make 8 million over the next two years and then enter his first year of free agency in 2009. 4M per year is very inexpensive for a quality pitcher like Arroyo. Now with this deal, we have extended him two years, essentially buying his first two years of free agency for 25M.

Let's say he doesn't get hurt and he equals his career year of 2006 for the next two years. Two years where we were paying him roughly 8M (4M per). Now, let's say we didn't re-sign him yesterday. So now 2009 comes along and he's a Free Agent. Wouldn't you think 2 years at 25M would be pretty steep? And that's after you get to watch him for two more years to judge whether he's worthy. Yesterday's deal is a huge gamble. Not only is it a ton of money. It's a ton of money for a guy who could have peaked in 2006 and has been overworked. 25M would also make it hard to deal him. We may have to eat some dough, if necessary, just to unload him.

I'll be happy to be wrong with my concerns if he can match 2006 for the next 4+ years. I just don't think an organization that already screwed itself with the Milton deal, two years ago, can afford this high of a gamble again, with such a limited payroll.

Arroyo went from being a great value (4M per) which a cost-conscience organizaion such as the Reds desperately needs, to being just another one of those expensive question marks (see: Gil Meche) that potentially could evolve into an expensive mistake (see: Eric Milton).

As for Harang, it was a no-brainer. He is a horse and a great foundation to build the staff around. And we got him cheap. A+ for signing him longterm at such a great value. C- for the Arroyo deal. It wasn't necessary, but I understand it might have bought some goodwill with the Reds faithful However, the Milton deal was made for that exact purpose as well.