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02-13-2007, 09:45 PM
Being an air traffic controller I have a lot of down time whenever its raining. So this is what I came up with to do...

A slugger made in Louisville connects with rawhiide in front of a full bill
dollar dogs bleacher bums play by play announced from above like a pulpit
seeds from flowers flaunted litter dugouts cheers for a blast into rightfield
tobaccos chewed breaking pitch at the knees listen to the umpire's strike spiel
its summer days and the light feels, warm on the skin hoping Wayne K makes the right deal
a couple of prospects is better than, another mid forties lefty or a scrappy veteran
Hoping Narron stays clever when, deciding who should roam the grass in center
Denorfia or Freel please KG's hits are a blast but his gloves not exactly a winner
a dozen gold gloves and half a dozen surgeries... Hatties on 1st but does Conine deserve to be?
BP on 2nd defensive glove artist Gonzo at short, 3rd has a beast EE but will his defense resort,
to '06 form? well 20 plus errors aren't worse than 190 Ks by adam dunn
He can't play the field but he's good for a hundred ribbies and 40 plus home runs
So he stays on the team as I blaze through these things, like a fastball from Coffey thats above 93
Toss Bill Bray in the mix and the bullpen has a solid foundation
Until Cormier, Weathers, and Stanton enter into a super dinosaur formation
But our starting pitchers are amazing, I'm predicting 30 wins between Harang and Arroyo
only problem is kirk saarlos and milton's heater appears to move in slow mo
Kyle Lohse is nice but lets jump to the minors of Jay Bruce and Homer Bailey
I'm telling you guys, "In 2009 the central is ours for the taking!!"
With the addition of Cueto in 2010 we'll have some dominant pitching
And finally all redszoners will actually be happy and stop all the b****ing!
I'm just waiting for a chance to see a redleg rounding first in the fall
but for now its still winter, 6 weeks still 'tiil umpires yell play ball!!

02-17-2007, 12:30 AM
...and then I made out with my boss...

02-17-2007, 01:31 AM
...and then I made out with my boss...

Lol slowly working my way to 200 rep points and you're a jerk :) jk