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02-24-2007, 11:51 AM
Luke Sewell Reds manager has a few choice words 55 years ago.


BTW, The writer is question, Earl Lawson.


Bob Borkowski
05-17-2007, 11:53 PM
Just getting around to responding to this one.

Thanks for the post, woy. These quotes are new to me. My main sources of baseball info back in those days were The Cincinnati Enquirer and The Sporting News. I remember that I would read the box scores for every game line by line and column by column. I just couldn't get enough. I can still remember lots of baseball quotes that I read in the early 50's. For example, from the Sporting News of 1953 quoting Rogers Hornsby after the Reds got off to a terrible start, "A bunch of clothing store dummies ought to win more than 9 out of 31". Not positive about the numbers but I'm sure I'm close.

Sewell's quotes, while entertaining and enlightening 55 years later, make him come across as quite a whiner. So he had some bad teams. So what? So he had LOTS of injury problems on that '52 team, including Big Klu. Big deal. Blaming his problems on Earl Lawson (Sewell describes him well, by the way) is beyond ridiculous! Some managers are blessed with good players and good fortune. Some managers are not.

But as I look up and down that 1952 team roster, I can see the powerhouse teams of the mid-50's slowly beginning to take shape. Names like Ted Kluszewski, Johnny Temple, Jim Greengrass, Wally Post and Roy McMillan were part of a team that finished 6th out of a field of 8 that year but carried the promise of special seasons to come, especially 1956, one of the favorite Reds teams within my memory. And that covers quite a bit of landscape!;)

05-18-2007, 02:12 AM
Back then, there was no Cincinnati Bengals, and there was no Cincinnati Royals.

There was barely an NBA.

So, as far as sports, it might have been the only game in town, and when you're the only game in town, sportswriters sell more papers by stirring up trouble then making friends, truth be damned. Portland, Oregon today is typical of that with reporters who's words I wouldn't waste to wipe my....well, countertop. (cough, John Canzano).

That was a nice read.

05-18-2007, 09:51 AM
(cough, John Canzano).

A true hack and bore he is.