View Full Version : Season Tickets Day - my impressions.

Virginia Beach Reds
02-24-2007, 09:14 PM
I went down to the stadium today for the pick a seat promotion. I ponied up and picked up 2 season tickets (20 game weekend pack) out in Section 142 (sun deck). Not bad seats really. What I misread was that you have the OPTION of Opening Day...so that costs me 60 bucks more than I intended. Oh well, only money.

The sales crew seemed a little disorganized. No one really seemed to know what they were doing. An older gentleman must have been fed the wrong information, as he was vehemently arguing with a guy at a keyboard entering sales.

I was there at 10a and the crowd was sparse. I think we were the only people actually picking a seat. Based on the availability though, there do not appear to be many seats left at all. I got to choose from about 4 options in the Sun Deck...none too close to the field but not bad either. I was promised 2 seats in a row and when I went to pay 15 mins later, someone had already bought my tickets. Had a to an aisle behind :confused:

Club 4192 was nice though! Wow, top notch.

Did anyone else go down to the event today? What were the opinions? I had no intention of buying any season package until 2 days ago. I guess my feeling of community and supporting it overwhelmed me and now I'm $800 poorer.