View Full Version : Who gets the credit for the Red's bright future???

03-05-2007, 06:10 PM
Ok...I don't know about everyone in here, but as recent as 2 years ago I was shaking my head thinking that the Reds may catch a bolt of lightning every now and then, but I couldn't imagine then fielding a consistently competitive team.

Flash forward to the present. We have a legitimate 1-2 starting punch. We have 3 potentially great players in the minors with several more outstanding young players waiting in the wings. The next few years will be very exciting.

Agree or not with any of the above, I would say it is safe to say the Red's future has brightened considerably over the past 2 years.

With that said...who gets the credit for turning it around. I'm a big fan of Krivsky's but he inheirited many of the players. I despised DanO, but you have to give him credit for Homer/Jay Bruce. What about BobCast?

I was just wondering who/what has seemingly gotten this organazation turned around in everyone's opinion. There are a ways to go, but things have gotten much better recently if you ask me.

03-05-2007, 06:31 PM
I'm not sure I'd go so far as to say things have completely turned around, despite my usual optimism. I think our minors are still fairly thin and that's still going to take a while to build up.

I do like the big clubs immediate future (08 and 09 and hopefully beyond), but we need additional depth. I think we've got better and deeper competition this year, but it's still not a knockout. Our division helps us generally, but I'd like to see a bit more strength across the board.

I'm not sure where the credit ought to go. I think folks have acknowledged that O'Brien's strength was in development/drafting, so the big prospects certainly get nod, but I like what Krivsky is doing trying to assemble a good organization. If you look at waivers at the close of last season, he cut off quite a lot of dross. We'll see how he replenish that. It might well be with some players in camp now who might have in previous years made the club. Now they'll be depth in Louisville, etc.

We'll see.

03-05-2007, 06:37 PM
I completely agree the Reds' future is much brighter, and I appreciate the thread to acknowledge it. Now to answer your question about who gets the credit:

Bob Castellini. He is the one who came in and established a new culture, a new era, and whose every action in about fifteen months has truly been about a specific game plan to restore the Reds. Just consider: (1) He hired Krivsky; (2) he restructured the front office and reassigned John Allen to something John Allen does well; (3) he has overseen the new marketing plan which includes an expanded television contract with FoxSports Ohio and a dramatic change in the season tickets options which will lead to better attendance this year; (4) he has regained some once-lost public trust by being transparent with his plans, by bringing back former players as coaches, etc, and by increasing the visibility of the Reds Community Fund; (5) he is finding new and innovative ways to use Great American Ballpark - for example by adding the weekend concerts on the concourse and by the new seating plans for the batter's eye; (6) he has reached out to more fans in a broader area by expanding Redsfest and the winter caravan.

There's more things I could go into, I'm sure, but these are some awfully big things that Castellini has done to establish a new culture at the top. That's where it has to begin, and everyone else just follows suit. Castellini, without any question in my mind, gets the majority of the credit for the Reds seeming turnaround.