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03-08-2007, 11:10 AM
Last night's game with the Yankees was a blast (well, until the Lizard sent Yankees fans looking for their sisters :bang: )

Some observations:
1. I know you saw me on TV...Matsui's foul ball into the 3rd base bleachers...I was the guy in the Red's jacket all prepared to make a sensational catch, making all RZ'ers proud :thumbup: but alas, Matsui's a whimp and hit it 10 feet in front of me...but I was ready, trust me:D

2. Legends Field is a beautiful facility and a nice place to see a game...I'm looking forward to comparing it to Sarasota on Monday (I already know Winter Haven-Indians is atrocious)

3. Man, does Andy Pettitte take a long time between pitches...he's excrutiatingly slow (or maybe I'm just not in baseball rhythm yet)

4. I'm not trained to really tell much about pitchers from my angle, but Livingston and Ramirez were not awe-inspiring, just average :thumbdown here's my hope that Saarloos or Belisle stand out much more than that!!

5. How 'bout the young guy Jared Burton...men on 1st and 2nd, 1 out with Jeter and Giambi coming up...he looked a little out of sorts...Valentin steps out from behind the plate to settle him down and all he does is strike out both of them with what looked like good stuff :beerme: So much for trying to slip him through waivers :rolleyes:

6. I'm watching guys like Castro, Conine and Crosby thinking one word: WHY??? :confused: And yes, I know that Conine had a couple of hits, but all he's doing is keeping me from seeing...

7. JOEY VOTTO, JOEY VOTTO, JOEY VOTTO-My wife is a Yankees fan (I forgive her cause she's awful cute) so during the game I'm giving her the mini-scouting reports on the guys playing...you know "Livingston and Ramirez are both going for the #5 starter but will go down to AAA", "Josh Hamilton is trying to make it back from the depths, but we'll have to keep him on the ML roster all year", you know the stuff...we boys, starting in about the 4th inning, as I see him leaning on the railing of the dugout: "Honey, that guy is going to be special...he's the reason I wish Conine wasn't playing so I could see him bat...he'll be the 1st baseman in Cincy by '08...and baby, he can RAKE!!"...SO WHAT DOES MY MAN DO???...1 SWING AND A MONSTER HOMERUN :KoolAid: (now looking quite brilliant do I appear to my wife :devil: )

8. I wore my Encarnacion t-shirt with great pride...brother was D'in it up yesterday...2 very nice plays at the hot corner...nice to see, because all we've heard is that he really does work hard at it...I'm convinced he will have a very, very good year this year :thumbup:

9. Okay, so I didn't get us a win...but WE ARE STILL UNDEFEATED :thumbup:

The pressure's on the rest of you 'til Saturday afternoon when I will be perched in Row 1 behind the Red's Dugout...

If any RZ'er is going, let me know...I'll be in the Larkin NL All-star game Jersey soakin' up another Reds triumph!!

03-08-2007, 11:13 AM
Thanks for the update. Appreciate it.

03-08-2007, 12:07 PM
Nice, entertaining write up. Good Job!

03-08-2007, 12:53 PM
We'll see if I'm saavy enough to post some pics of the games this Saturday and next Monday :eek: