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03-20-2007, 03:49 PM
Build a generic line up using the following skillsets. Rank what emphasis on each skill you would like to see by percentage for the entire lineup, all of which add up to 100% Use some reason, as no team can likely afford 100% HOF power sluggers. All 100% high OBP is not allowed either (my thread, my rules :) ). More importantly, what is your reasoning?

Power (high SLG)
Consistant hitting (high OBP)
Unique skills (good pinch hitter, bunter, hit & run guy, etc etc)
High pitches per at bat count

For example:
Speed 5%
Power 45%
Consistant hitting 40%
High pitchers per bat count 10%

That is, a total line up that has some speed, large and about equal mix of power and consistant hitters and some emphasis on guys who take lots of pitches.

03-20-2007, 04:18 PM
Speed 20
Power 35
Constant hitting 30
High Pitch count 10
Unique Skills 5

I like speed. I think it can change games. You need power to drive in runs. Constant hitting is a little over rated if you ask me. I look more at OBP and what rate a player is getting on base. But you do need a good hitter in the lineup somewhere. High pitch counts are important. It is important that you have someone who can work a pitcher. Take a lot of pitches and make the pitcher earn the out. Not too big on unique skills. Its nice to have a guy who is able to bunt but I think pinch hitting is too inconsistant.

03-20-2007, 04:32 PM
Defensive (range, arm, minimal errors): 20%
Baserunning (speed, situational running, high stolen base success rate): 10%
On Base Skills (OBP): 35%
Power (Slugging): 35%

Johnny Footstool
03-20-2007, 04:43 PM
Speed - 15%
Power (high SLG) - 30%
Consistant hitting (high OBP) - 30%
High pitches per at bat count - 25%

I want batters who can work the count like crazy, get a good pitch to hit, and then demolish it. A little speed is nice in the #1 and #8 spots.

03-20-2007, 04:48 PM
The 1976 Reds lineup was possibly the most perfect ever. If you evaluated it they had great balance in these factors:

Speed - Morgan's steals were disruptive as was Rose stretching singles into doubles and first to third were important. Griffey, Geronimo and Concepcion has decent steals numbers too, but beyond Little Joe only Griffey was disruptive with it. This whoel team was smart baserunners that made a defense think and execute or you paid. I even remember Perez and Bench pulling off a double steal.
Power - Bench, Perez, Foster - nuff said, Morgan and Griffey had decent power for their spots in the order as well.
Professional ABs/Clutch hitting - no weak at bats from any of these guys, especially in the clutch. Who you pitching around to get to?

I would really like to see this type of balance (albeit much inferior) in this year's Reds:

Speed - Brandon and a smarter Freel can be disruptive at the top. Gonzo at the bottom of the lineup too.
Power - Dunn, Griffey, EdE give the middle of the lineup enough thunder for anyone when healthy thank you
Clutch hitting/professional ABs - This is the Reds Achilles heel, weak K's that don't even move runners over in key situation, inability to make a pitcher work for an out, not working a count for a hard earned walk, pitching around somebody to get to Dunn and not delivering a key RBI with 2 outs are all symptoms of the same problem. Griffey, Hatte and Edwin (most of the time) get this, the others... not so much.

If Jacoby and others can help some of the younger bats, especially Dunn, but also Brandon, Freel, and Ross can grow into understanding this, the Reds offense will be much more potent than last year.

If Adam keeps spraying singles with men in scoring position all year like he has in FL, he will lead the league in RBI and I'll owe Satan my left nut.

03-20-2007, 09:25 PM
Interesting. I'm more on ltlabners wavelength I think.

Speed 5%
Power (Slugging) 40%
OBP 40%
Deep Counts 5%
Lefty/Righty Mix 10%

03-21-2007, 09:29 AM
The more I think about this issue some of these areas have minimums for a successful team (clutch hitting/deep counts/professional ABs must be present) while others are a function of era and preference (which do you like better the Vince Coleman Cards [all speed] or 70's Orioles/80's Brewers [all power]?). Personally, I like some element of speed as it helps manufacture runs, puts pressure on opposing defenses (which leads to mistakes) and tends to improve your defense.

03-21-2007, 10:17 AM
Interesting. I'm more on ltlabners wavelength I think.

Speed 5%
Power (Slugging) 40%
OBP 40%
Deep Counts 5%
Lefty/Righty Mix 10%

Interesting question, or interesting that we are on the same wavelength? :p:

Left/righty mix is a good one, I didn't think of that.

03-21-2007, 10:27 AM
Consistant Hitting: 100%

Hey, as long as they are consistantly getting on base there won't be any outs, right? :p:

But seriously (and following the rules this time),

Speed: 15%
Power: 25%
Consistant: 45%
Annoying (works count): 15%

I want guys who you can typically count on to get on base. The more on base... the more chances to get runs.