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03-31-2007, 11:27 AM
From BA

Cincinnati Reds
Signed RHP Brad Salmon
Signed LHP Phil Dumatrait
Signed LHP Brian Shackelford
Signed OF Bubba Crosby
Released RHP Brett Andrade
Released RHP Gregory Dicso
Released RHP Richard Fairchild
Released RHP Eric Junge
Released RHP Dane Mason
Released RHP James Paduch
Released RHP Damian Ursin
Released RHP Chris White
Released RHP Paul Wilson
Released RHP Andy Yount
Released LHP Brandon Alford
Released LHP Brian O'Connor
Released LHP Ryan Williams
Released 1B Ryan Brown
Released 2B Juan Martinez
Released 3B Angel Colon
Released SS Janel Arias
Released OF Evandy De Leon

I feel bad for seeing Mason there. Monday I talked to him and he was charting pitches for AA, and he was saying that was his 1st day with the AA guys. Then Ted Power needed an extra arm and Mason pitched 1 inning for AAA. Looking back, I guess this means they already knew he wasn't going to be kept.

03-31-2007, 09:19 PM
Of the young men that I got to know through my son, mostly pitchers, two of these really stood out. Ryan Williams, a Florida Gulf Coast University graduate, who was signed by the Reds as a free agent last summer played good enough to stay. He played last summer for the GCL Reds, distinguishing himself with great control and a terrific mound presence. The loss feels so much worse as he was my son's spring training room-mate and had become his close friend. Andy Yount was no kid. He was thirty years old and looking for that last good chance. We met the day my son signed. Andy was in the lobby, looking more like a body-builder than a ball-player. At 6' and 220 pounds, he looked ready for battle. We talked a bit and later on he be-friended my son Eric, and I believe helped him realize what a precious opportunity he had in front of him. Andy Yount had been working as a Fireman in Dallas, working out, staying in shape and looking for another chance. He was originally drafted by Boston over 10 years ago. A few years into his career, he injured the tendons of his right hand. After many surgeries, physical therapy and a strong inner drive the Reds gave him a chance. No big bonus, just an opportunity. He certainly lent his considerable experience to those around him and he'll be missed. His curled up, scarred right hand was always out in front of him to shake the hand of those he met. He'll be okay. I think he'd make a great coach and would encourage the Reds to look at him for that potential. Strength and Conditioning looked to be an area of interest to him. Of the many others, I wish them all the best.

03-31-2007, 10:02 PM
Andy signed right out of high school for close to $900K. He had a fresh and lively arm in the 95-96 MPH range. A friend of his was killed in a car wreck during his first pro year. Story goes, at the grave site, he broke an empty Snapple bottle just by squeezing it. Unfortunately, he severed the tendon in his index finger on his right hand. Boston saw him thru a couple of surgeries but both failed to hold the tendon in place. Finally, he had it fused and it just stays bent all the time. Boston released him and he resigned with the Tigers for yet more bonus money ??? A little home town cooking courtesy of Phil Garner. Andy still had difficulty on the hill so he tried to change to the outfield. Eventually, Detroit released him. The Reds picked him up late last year toward the end of the season. He can still bring it in the high nineties. Last I heard he was trying to get a workout with the Pirates. He and another first rounder named Jeff Austin were in the same Kingwood high school class.

03-31-2007, 10:19 PM
That is terrific additional information on Andy. I had a pretty good look at his right hand and the index and middle finger were mostly mobile. The ring and little finger were fairly tethered to the palmar flexor tendons. You can see the results of the multiple incisions and the strain that he endures in opening it. I had heard that he injured it in the manner you described. His index finger and middle finger, while constrained, looked to be reasonably mobile. I hope that he finds a place with the Pirates. I simply admire his courage to persevere, given the circumstances. Thanks for your unique insight.

03-31-2007, 11:25 PM
Just talked to my son Eric. He talked with Andy Yount, who tells him that he has found a spot with Dodgers. Good luck Andy.