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03-31-2007, 10:20 PM
Only read if you're interested in finding out what happens the first two episodes of the next season of Sopranos....

Highlight text below to see synopsis of Episode 1:

The first episode stars with a flashback to 2004 with the Feds raid on Johnny Sack. We see Tony booking it fast through the woods making his getaway. Only this time we see some kid in the window of his bedroom witness Tony ditching the gun in the snow. We then see the kid retrieve the gun.

Cut to present day. Tony and Carmela are asleep in bed with the cops banging on the door. Carmella screams is this it and thus begins the final season. Turns out it's not "IT" but Tony's in some trouble all the same. He gets taken downtown by the cops in his bathrobe and slippers. Turns out the kid who found the gun 3 years ago has gone and gotten arrested with it and claims he saw Tony ditch it way back when. Tony's out of the slammer in no time but not before we get to see him sitting amongst the dregs of humanity in the holding cell, staring off into nothing. This is the first of many times over the next 2 hours that we see Tony simply sitting and thinking.

And now for a quick update on the rest of the family:Meadow is back living at home, her loser boyfriend Finn is long gone, and she's studying to be a pediatrician. Nobody's making offers on Carmella's house and AJ's looking like Artie's heroin buddy. Turns out it's only because he's still with his hot girlfriend with the kid and she's turned into a harpee. So it's the perfect time for Tony and Carmella to take a getaway to Bobby and Janice's lake up near Canada. Oh, and Tony's lawyer calls while he's en route and tells him the cops have dropped the gun charge so things are looking up.

Jump ahead a few hours to the lake house where Carmella and Janice are knocking back the wine like pros while Tony and Bobby shoot guns, fish and discuss the good old times. Tony mentions that Bobby's been earning well and that he's lucky that he never had to pop his cherry by killing someone. Then Tony does some more staring.

Pretty soon the 4 of them are drunk and playing Monopoly. After a brief discussion about whether or not the Chance and Community chest money is supposed to be collected by the person who lands on Free Parking, a drunken Tony starts making fun of Janice and Bobby gets pissed. Tony crosses the line when Janice lands on Boardwalk and he stars singing about how she spent her summers sucking cock under the boardwalk (No doubt). Bobby loses it and slugs Tony soon the two of them are in a major throwdown that Bobby is clearly winning until the two women break it up and they stumble off to bed.

Next day Tony does some more staring, this time sitting on the dock with a black eye and fat lip. We can tell he's pissed for getting his ass kicked but he's not vindictive so nothing will come of it. Anyway, they tell the ladies that they're meeting some guys to play golf. They really mean meeting some crooked Canucks to buy illegal prescription drugs to sell back home. During the conversation one of the Canadiens gets a call from his daughter about how her ex won't leave her alone. Tony says he'll take care of it if they lower their price and they agree. Obviously still mad he tells Bobby to take care of it.

Tony and Carmella leave the next day and head back to Jersey. We then see Bobby pack a bag and tell Janice he's got business to take care of. In the next scene we watch Bobby follow a young guy in the basement laundry room and pop 2 shots in his chest and 1 in his head. He's broken his cherry. The episode ends with Bobby returning to the Lake house and holding his daughter as he does some staring of his own.


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Synopsis of Episode 2:

Highlight to reveal:

The second episode picks right up where episode 1 left off and we get to find out what everyone else is up to. It starts with Johnny Sack in the Medical Center for Federal Prisoners. He smoked for 38 years, now he's eating healthy and not smoking but it's too late. The doc says he's got 3 months to live. He looks pale and walks around with tubes in his nose for oxygen. His fat wife and shockingly FATTER daughter come to visit but he doesn't tell them of the prognosis. He instead starts smoking again as soon as they leave.

On the flipside Paulie is now cancer free and Chris is about to release CLEAVER, his "saw meets Godfather II", horror movie. He's been clean and sober for a few months thanks to his sponsor (Shooter McGavin), and he's not hanging with the gang as much because of tempation and he now thinks he's too good for them anyways.

Meanwhile Phil Leotardo is doing some soul searching of his own. Turns out that no one has stepped up to take the reigns of the NY family. Phil says he doesn't think he's got the heart, literally, to take control since he's just back on his feet from bypass surgery. It looks like (Gerry Torciano) is likely the new head of the NY contingent.

Then it's time for the big CLEAVER screening and the whole gang shows up. And of course Paulie is the clown who doesn't shut off his cell. Daniel Baldwin plays the boss and he is a complete carbon copy of Tony, right down to how the character walks around in his robe and boxers all the time. Tony is quite proud to be the bad guy inspiration until a few people note that the character gets whacked by his right hand man.

Tony starts thinking and winds up in Melfi's office, eventually crying like a ***** about how he's done everything for Chris and this is how he gets treated? Tony then gets a call from his lawyer saying that even though the Cops dropped the gun case the feds have now decided to follow up on it instead.

Then we get some grizzly violence as Silvio sits down to meet with (Gerry Torciano) to discuss business. Just as their bimbos are sitting down someone unloads an entire clip into (Gerry). Silvio and the ladies make it out OK but the whole NY leadership war is now heating up. And now we get word that Johnny sack has gone and kicked the bucket much sooner than anyone expected!

We get a quick scene of Phil delivering his brothers eulogy and now realizing that maybe he's going to have to take control after all. The episode ends with Chris' kids christening. Tony's the godfather of course,as he and Chris hug on the altar, the look in both their eyes says trouble is still a coming.

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04-02-2007, 12:38 AM
I have read these already and I dont know why. I didnt want to know anything I am just weak. Still cant wait for next Sunday to get here.

04-02-2007, 02:47 AM
WilyMo! I have the Away theme and can totally see the white print.

Oh well - I would have read it anyway. The on part I've always hated about the Sopranos is the ridiculous breaks between seasons. I won't miss that. But like a scorned lover, I always go back.

04-02-2007, 09:31 PM
I read some of the first one but stopped myself. I'm going to wait till next week to see what happens. I can't wait. If it's on at the same time as the Reds game I'm sorry to say I might have to watch The Sopranos instead.