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04-01-2007, 02:07 PM
Thought this would be fun to do, and I have plenty of time to waste.

Fill out your perfect 25 man roster. Your starters must be actual starters (and match them up.. i.e. don't go get 5 #1 starters, a #2 starter can only be put at the #1 or #2 spot), and bench players must be bench players. Also, please consider salaries (don't get into the Yankee territory money-wise)

Starting Lineup:

SS Hanley Ramirez 17 HRs 59 RBIs 292 AVG 46 2Bs 51 SBs
1B Kevin Youkilis 13 HRs 72 RBIs 279 AVG 42 2Bs 91 BBs
3B Miguel Cabrera 26 HRs 114 RBIs 339 AVG 50 2Bs 998 OPS
CF Carlos Beltran 41 HRs 116 RBIs 275 AVG 38 2Bs 95 BBs/18 SBs
C Brian McCann 24 HRs 93 RBIs 333 AVG 34 2Bs 961 OPS
2B Robinson Cano 15 HRs 78 RBIs 342 AVG 41 2Bs 890 OPS
LF Nick Markakis 16 HRs 62 RBIs 291 AVG 25 2Bs 799 OPS
RF Ryan Freel 8 HRs 27 RBIs 271 AVG 30 2Bs 37 SBs

A ton of speed and SB with Ramirez, Beltran, and Freel. Overall good defense, rangey outfield. On base skills mixed with alot of high batting averages. Young and cheap.

1B/RF Craig Wilson
IF Maicer Izturis
OF Brady Clark
OF Josh Hamilton
2B/OF Jerry Hairston
C Henry Blanco

Decent hitting, good defensive bench. Plenty of players capable of filling in for Freel if he gets injured.

Starting Rotation:
1) Aaron Harang 3.76 ERA 216 K 56 BB 1.27 WHIP
2) Chris Young 3.46 ERA 164 K 69 BB 1.13 WHIP
3) Matt Cain 4.15 ERA 179 K 87 BB 1.28 WHIP
4) Jeremy Sowers 3.57 ERA 35 K 20 BB 1.19 WHIP
5) Clay Hensley 3.71 ERA 122 K 76 BB 1.34 WHIP

Very cheap rotation. Good work horses. All are great, young starters.

CL Francisco Rodriguez
RP Chad Bradford
RP Joel Zumaya
RP Todd Coffey
RP Chad Billingsley
RP Dennys Reyes

Alot of close games will be won with K-Rod ending most games. Bradford is very solid and throws batters off with his weird wind up. Fireballer Joel Zumaya blows away hitters with his triple digit fastball. Coffey also throws some heat, and has great stuff. Billingsley is a great young pitcher. Dennys Reyes is a decent LHP.