View Full Version : Notes from the Game 4/7 edition

04-07-2007, 05:30 PM
Hey all!

Got to take in my first game of the season. Lucky change of plans meant I was home from school for Easter and I had a chance to go watch the Reds slug out a win today. Here are my observations:

1) It was C-O-L-D! I went up to the riverboat for the 6th, and the wind up there was brutal. but the view was awesome, and the heated bathrooms were a godsend. Never again am I only wearing underarmor and a jersey to a game this cold. when there are icicles on the Tyler-Davidson fountain, you know its chilly.

2) Conine continues to impress. if Edwin had hustled, he would have had another RBI today.

3) BP should not be hitting 3rd. Edwin went 3-4 today with 2 SB and some RBIs... maybe Jerry will reconsider.

4) Dunn's HR was comical... take that Xavier Nady. Now perhaps he will go from hero of Pittsburgh to whipping boy.

5) Also, Anti-clutch play by Jack Wilson. The crowd was giving him crap all game, and you could feel it comming when he misplayed BP's pop-up.

6) Grifey was early a lot on his swings, lots of foul balls down the Rf line for him.

7) Weathers was hitting 87 consistently on the gun, but we loved him for it anyway. He threw strikes and got us out of there in a timely fashion.

8) Came away impressed with Coutlangus. He did a nice job fielding the bunt by Duffy.

9) Harang looked like he was affected by the cold. But maybe he was just off today. However, most of his gaffes came early and late in his outing. I don't know if the ump had a tight strike zone, becuase all the monkey buisness in the 4th could have been avoided if the ump had called a 3rd strike on the first baserunner to score. Because he was out... bah...