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04-14-2007, 06:42 AM
on the 6-5 win...

1. Are we all settled down now about the EE thing???...he was in the lineup and all is "forgotten"...I personally am so happy with his defense...even though he's not swingin' well, he's not taking that with him in the field...I thought the play when he almost got hit by the bat was very impressive...

2. I know he gets crushed on the board, but Castro makes plays...single that starts the rally and a big time play from the hole to get an out...he's a good, handy guy off the bench...

3. Have you ever seen a game like today's from an offensive standpoint...we were manhandled for 4 innings by Zambrano and treated like an ugly step-child by the Cubs bullpen for 5 innings...oh but by the way, we got 9 straight runners on based and scored 6 runs in between???...unbelievable...

4. Amazing game of inches...Hamilton continues to ride in like the white knight with the 2 run single...4 feet either way and it's a double play and we probably will lose the game...

5. My thought watching Harang in the 3rd/4th (missed early) was "his back is tight or he's sick"...he just didn't seem to be getting full extension with his pitches...come to find out he was under the weather...

6. Haven't read the gamethread, but anyone start going off on Harang yet for his 2 poor starts??? :rolleyes:

7. Lou Pinella is literally going to have a stroke by June...did anyone see his tirade after the game :eek: I know LP is a deity by many here, but this is exactly why I don't see him being the "annointed one" as many of you do...baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint...it's totally unlike every other sport...in fact, as a fan of the game you have to remind yourself of that constantly or you'll go crazy with the ups and downs (I always remember Ray Knight understanding that he couldn't be an effective manager because he got way too high/low every day)...does Lou not think that the BP guy that gave up the walks didn't want to do that???...that Zambrano didn't want to implode???...it's why he was a very mediocre manager at best in Tampa...he just berated those kids when they lost and they played in fear and never made strides (not that any manager could win in Tampa)...but I just think Lou has gotten too high strung and it doesn't accomplish anything positive in a sport that will have your team lose at least 60 times over the next 6 months at minimum...

And yes, I remember Leyland's tirade last year with the Tigers...that seemed to work out pretty well...uh, so did having that pitching staff, but that's another story...

I'm just fine with watching a professional like Narron manage his emotions and keeping the "bus moving forward"...even when truly angry like the other night with EE, he spoke about it while reminding folks that EE didn't normally do that, was going to be a star, and that he loved the kid...Pinella would've "killed the kid" IMHO...this club seems to project a sense of calm through the early season...we'll see...

8. I'm glad we have David Weathers...not that I don't wish for a lights-out closer which he is not...but he knows what he's doing, has no fear and is a "tough guy" out there...guys like he and Stanton really do have value...and on the bullpen subject, what a great story...I do believe Narron/Pole have done a good job creating their roles...some here have already started questioning the number of appearances, but I think we have to remember that we have great depth with both Bray and Maj back at some point...in addition, I'm very happy to see matchup by matchup bullpen changes...Cormier should be able to come in and get that big out against the lefty...you can tell that the variety (3 LH arms) will be a weapon allowing Narron to do his best Sparky imitation (wonder what the RZ would have said about him back in the day:rolleyes: )

9. IMHO the reason you can do what Narron is doing with the pen is the increased confidence that the rotation will give solid innings the next couple of days...Arroyo and Lohse have taken both their starts 7+ (right??) and you hope for more of the same...it's those stretches of 4 straight games of starters not getting past the 5th that takes its toll...let's hope we can avoid that...

10. Sample size, sample size...but dang, Coutlangus is a witch out there...I simply am astonished about a guy who only started pitching 3 years ago after playing OF...hope he continues to be as successful the 2nd/3rd time around these teams...:thumbup:

11. Did anyone else see yesterday's early use of Moeller as continuing evidence that he's not viewed as the extra catcher they "need" but simply the 25th man, the extra bat on the bench that made the team by default and won't be along after Hopper gets healthy???...oh for Deno's health, though I personally think Hopper is a good bench upgrade...

12. Dunn's screamer into LC and Griffey's ability to stay with the low changeup and pull it into the corner were both examples of great hitting...Dunn has been really impressive early...kudos to him and Jacoby...

13. I'm tellin' ya...get Phillips out of the cold weather and he's capable of patient AB's...LOL...though not hitting it great, hasn't he shown some better plate discipline than last year (with exception of the games in the freezing weather)???

14. You don't leave the team to go home unless your child is REALLY sick...man, I really pray for AGonz and his family...I sure hope his little one will be okay...

15. Lastly another "didn't read the game thread, but"...hope we noticed the good game mgt today by Narron...had Stanton and Saarloos available in the pen, the possible game changing substitution of Freel allowing Hamilton to keep the JJones hit to a single in the 9th...had Conine available to PH...2 effective uses of double switches to avoid pitchers coming up early the next inning...good game Jerry :thumbup:

6-4...not playing "out of our minds"...getting good pitching...Hamilton the "feel good" story for the early-season...this isn't a bad start at all :beerme:

Always Red
04-14-2007, 08:03 AM
great post, coach! I totally agree with nearly all of it.

I'm with you on Juan Castro- I think he is a valuable utility player. I know his stats, I've looked them up, and I realize he's not a very good hitter, and I know he's getting older and his range is not what it once was. But, he makes plays, off the bench, in the clutch. No, he should not be starting, or even playing that much. But he is a good role player. Funny thing is, I was reading a thread yesterday of how terrible he is unless the ball is hit right to him, and while I'm listening to the radio, he goes into the hole and makes a fantastic grab and throw, that left Brantley nearly speechless. I just laughed out loud. Castro is steady, dependable, smart. A good guy to have on the bench.

04-14-2007, 08:27 AM
Wonderful post and I really am inclined to drink what you're pourin'! :thumbup:

04-14-2007, 09:35 AM
Why would anyone ever want Lou to manage their own team, and miss out on the joy of listening to his tirades when your team beats his? That's more fun than the game.

04-14-2007, 10:34 AM
Great coach or not, every time Sweet Lou steps in front of a camera (especially after his team blows a game) you know its gonna be a fun roller coaster ride to watch..

great post up there..made me come out of the shadows to reply..


04-14-2007, 12:05 PM
Isn't the phrase "Random Thoughts" copyrighted on this board?


BCubb's lawyers will be contacting you. :D

Just kidding! Great observations, coach. Very good stuff.

04-14-2007, 12:51 PM
Well BCubb never used a (c) ;)

04-14-2007, 12:55 PM
Isn't the phrase "Random Thoughts" copyrighted on this board?


BCubb's lawyers will be contacting you. :D

Just kidding! Great observations, coach. Very good stuff.

Oh my :eek: ...my lawyers have just advised me of my rights...

Consider this the "post formerly known as..."

If only I had a really cool symbol to put in its place :D

04-14-2007, 01:09 PM
2. I know he gets crushed on the board, but Castro makes plays...single that starts the rally and a big time play from the hole to get an out...he's a good, handy guy off the bench...

I like Castro. There, I said it.

I don't think he should ever be a starter, ever. But in a certain role I think he's a very valuable asset.

04-14-2007, 02:14 PM
No problem, Coach. It's nice to meet another random thinker.