View Full Version : REDS' Pinch-hitters are in a class by themselves...

04-19-2007, 06:23 PM
As much as our bench has been knocked for being weak, we're 2nd in the league in runs scored when relievers are the pitcher of record.......and.....

Our pinch-hitters lead the National Leauge in OPS at 1.031!!!

1st in Batting Average at .350.

1st in Slugging Pct. at .650.

1st in Total Bases at 13.

1st in RBI's at 6.

1st in Doubles at 3 (which the starters seem to struggle to hit, being last in the league there).

Oh, and tied for 7th in at-bats, just so you don't think it's because they're always pinch-hitting.

Oh, and 1st in fewest strikeouts, having struck out only once.

1st in extra-base hits.

All of this going into Thursday's game against the Stros.

And, the lowest Groundball/Flyout ratio by far at 0.17. (League Average is 1.39)

Consequently, they have not grounded into a double-ply.

:) :) :)