View Full Version : Robb Quinlan??

04-21-2007, 08:05 AM
Robb Quinlan is a RH bench bat who has had some success for the LA Angels. The Angels acquisition of Shea Hillenbrand has pretty much displaced Quinlan's role on the Angels, but he is a bat that could be useful. With Howie Kendrick on the DL the Angels recalled Kendy Morales a switch hitting 1B which seems to push Quinlan even farther to the background. With Chone Figgins coming back in early May and eventually Kendrick and Juan Rivera coming back, there is going to be a numbers problem in LA.

Why do I bring this up? LA has only 1 lefty in the pen (Darren Oliver). The Reds of course have a numbers issue in the bullpen similar to the one in LA for position players with early May being a time for things to come to a head. Coutlangus looks legit to me, Stanton has a two year deal and Bill Bray should be back in early May (Jared Burton is due back as well adding to the numbers issue). As much as we malign Cormier, a team like LA could make good use of him. Seems like a match made in heaven.

Quinlan had 236 ABs in 2006 going .321/.344/.491/.835 with 9 HR. He seems like the exact thing the team needs as a RH Bat late in the game and would be an upgrade over Hopper. Quinlan is not a good defender, but has been known to stand around near 3B, 1B and occasionally in an OF corner. Seems like he has the versatility required in the NL.

I've heard nothing about any deals, but have to wonder if something so logical could be in the works.